How to Curl Hair Naturally Using only Stockings

by Guest Blogger  Zanzan

I have poker straight hair.So while others long for straightening irons, i have always wanted curly hair (not that i want it alllll the time…but i have my mood swings :p . lets face it- i’m a girl )  ;) I wanted to try perming it but gave up the idea because i got scared of what the chemicals might do to my hair. I use a curling iron once in a while but inspite of using hairsprays they rarely stayed more than 6 hours.however if i don’t use sprays they straighten out in 3 hours(bummer!) So when i came across this tutorial in youtube about curling hair using socks i really wanted to try it. C’mon !curls without heat or chemicals …thats like wow!!

Here’s what u need to curl your hair

1.a pair of socks (clean ones )…i used old stockings(they’re more flexible)

2.water to dampen the hair

3. and of course “your lovely hair”

Tutorial: Curl you hair at home

  • Slightly wet the hair.
  • Roll ur hair over the socks like you would do with a hair roller and tie the ends. You can use more socks depending on your hair quantity.  I used only two because i wanted BIG wavy curls. And “its time to go to go to sleep”
  • The next morning , take off the socks and “lo and behold! You have the most amazing hair -friendly curls” . You can use hairsprays if you want but i wanted to see how long it lasts without that and i am amazed with the result!! 9 hours !! and even after 12 hours i still have soft beach wave curls.

    Hair wrapped around the socks and then socks tied together

Lipstick- Maybelline moisture extreme (bronze orange)
Blush- Faces glam on cream blush (peach glow)


1. Chemical + heat free

2. amazing staying power (upto 9 hours)

3. ideal for Dates ( Valentines’ Day)

Consseriously??? Lol there is no cons except you don’t wanna be caught walking around with socks sticking out of your head :p . so the best time is bed time.

Would i try this again? Definitely definitely and definitely!!!

P.S. before i used to think i need to save money to buy more curlers. Now i need to save to buy more “socks” J


About the Guest Blogger

Philamazan blogs at  Dr Poison Ivy which she calls” Skull, Bones & Love of Fashion”. She is a beauty and fashion blogger from India, and can i just say this was a WOW post for me!!! I am so definitely wrapping up my hair in them socks girl!!!! Though i do have naturally wavy hair, it never hurts to try and get more of those curls to come out. If you liked this post then read more such fun stuff from Zanzan at Dr Poison Ivy -xoxo, Mehak

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