Makeup is kind of like the  grown-up version of coloring I feel ! I mean come on, dont all those jumbo eye pencils remind you of crayola, and the felt tip eyeliners are basically sketch pens for adults (WHEEEEE, I wanna draw with purple todayyyy!)  So its no wonder that we now have Inglot lip paints. If watercolor and oil were not really your strong point (hey, it can be hard to paint in between lines when you have a chubby little 6 year old finger), maybe the Inglot AMC Lip Paint will float your fancy!

 Inglot AMC Lip Paint #66 : The color

If i were the head of Inglot, i would name this color -Candy Floss Fluff, because its that pretty, soft pink of a Candy Floss, though this does have a peachy quality to it, more than a true pink. Fluff because i love saying that – see how it rolls of the tongue? like Hufflepuff- i love saying that too. Its a color that would look super gorgeous on   lighter skin tones- very  pretty, soft, english rose  . On my medium skin tone , this is actually very light, almost nude and tends to wash me out if i layer it on too thick, but when sheered out its a nice way to wear a nude lip with a heavier eye.

Inglot  Lip Paint: Thoughts on the Formula

These AMC Lip Paints are basically a cross between a lip balm and lip glosses. They combine the moisture, and softness of a lip balm, but are more pigmented like lip glosses. All these lip products that come in tub form, i categorise into the ‘lip-pot’ category, so if you are comparing these with say, the Colorbar  Lip Pots then these are slightly different. While Colorbar is more like liquid lipsticks- very opaque, these are more like semi-sheer lip glosses. They are incredibly soft, and creamy to apply – almost like butter on your lips and glide on in a breeze. They dont last very long on the lips- 3 hours is all i get, but for what its worth i really do enjoy wearing these. While i find these cute little pots charming, they definitely are inconvenient to use, specially if you have longer nails you are left with a lot of poking around . Did i mention they smell yummy?


It looks very different on my lips versus when swatched on hand. It will work best on fair girls, with non pigmented lips.

 Overall Verdict:A-

Product:4/5, Pigmentation:3.5/5, Texture:5/5 , Longevity:2.5/5, Value & Application:3.5/5

Price: Rs 720/- for 4.5 gms

Recommendation: Inglot Lip Paint #66 is a soft, peachy pink that will work best on lighter skin tones because it tends to wash me out on my medium skintone. These cute little tubs from Inglot combine the moisture, and softness of a lip balm, but are a bit more pigmented like lip glosses. Though they have a definite lasting power issue, they are definitely worth looking into if you want a soft splash of color on your lips along with some much needed moisture. Im going to hunt down a more flattering color for myself in these!

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