Inglot Lipstick 401 Review, Swatch

My sister is like the walking-talking version of Filmfare magazine. Im serious, she will call me up in the middle of the night and tell me some inane gossip like “You know what happened with Bebo and Saif at the Awardsss????” Yes, its a serious problem..she even takes their issues seriously. For the longest time she was “Extremely worried” about how Aishwarya Rai was past her fertile age and wouldnt be able to have a kid ! Jesus!! Well, guess what. Recently she read some interview where Sonakshi Sinha was talking about how Inglot Lipstick #401 is her absolutely favourite coral color, and my cousin sister went online the very next day and got herself that shade. Her excuse? “Well my skintone is like Sonakshi’s so stuff that will look good on her will look good on me too!!!”.

Inglot 401 Lipstick: The color

When the Inglot Lipstick 401 actually arrived, it was a bit of a shocker. See 401 is not really a subtle coral lipstick, its a bright yet  light orange coral. I am talking i have light orange lips kind of shade. Does Sonakshi Sinha really wear this color? Me dont think so!!! But if you are someone who like your lips to make a statement without talking, then 401 might just float your boat! The color is actually quite unique – its not a pinky coral like Mac Crosswires lipstick, nor is it a true orange like Mac Vegas Volt- it is just a peachy orange which is light, yet very bright and not too warm. I dont think i have seen a color that is similar to this, so if you like to hoard on bright colors you may want to check this out. I actually feel that the colors actually looks kind of flattering on my medium skin, but since orange lips is not really my thing i shall pass.

Thoughts on the Texture

How do i feel about the texture? I dont like it at all!!! I have tried Inglot Lipsticks before and quite enjoyed the creaminess  of Inglot Lipstick #178   but this was my first stint with the Inglot matte lipsticks and can i just say these are as dry as a camels bottom that has been sitting in the sand for hours!  Not only that, but they dont glide and slip well which means it takes some effort for the color to show up and  they settle into fine lines and literally i feel like my lips are chapping with every hour. Ofcourse they last for ages, but i wouldnt want this on my lips for very long honestly- it just kind of makes them look almost aged and puckered if you know what i mean!

Overall Verdict :C

Product: 2/5, Pigmentation:3.5/5, Texture:0/5, Longevity:5/5, Price vs Value:3/5

Price: 490/- from

Recommendation: Inglot 401 Lipstick is a  matte light peachy orange which you may like if you love attention grabbing colors. I personally had a huge problem with the texture- it was way too dry, settled into lines and almost made my lips appear aged. If Sonakshi Sinha really wears this lipstick, then maybe we should re-write that line “Thapad se dar nahi lagta sahab, Inglot 401 se lagta hai” !

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