If God could capture Christmas in a tube, he would have created something very similar to Mac Driven by Love Lip Glass from the Styledriven Collection. Rich, Luxurious  red with gold  shimmer- it just screams “KISS ME YOU FOOL, ITS THE HOLIDAYS” . Well in my case , when asked how my better half liked this , he only said “Please. Its like you want to  be Santa Clause” . But lets ignore the opinion of these makeup-unaware mortals and take a look at this gorgeous , indulgent red that really is driven by love!!!

Driven by Love: The Color

Mac Driven by love lip glass is a rich, true red with delivers opaque color in just one swipe.  Its not as blue based and cool toned a red as Mac Russian Red- its more of a true red that looks good on everyong. It bit more wearable for warmer skin tones than the other reds i have tried- the question really is if you can handle the intense hot-ness of this red on your lips. Not for the faint hearted girls!  . The pearlescent gold shimmer inside is  very very subtle , almost unnoticeable little flecks that if anything add to the pretty factor. This is the kind of gloss that no matter how pigmented or dark your lips are, you can still get away with wearing it, because its definitely the most pigmented lip gloss i have tried till date.

Thoughts on the Formula: Mac Pro Long Wear Lip Glass

Now you know how i was talking about this being a ‘Kiss me’ gloss . Well, the color definitely is. The texture not quite. This gloss is extremely thick and sticky (im talking way beyond your regular  Mac Lip Glasses which are pretty sticky in theirselves). It sits heavily on your lips, and you can almost feel a sort of gloopyness when you rub them together. Should your man be daring enough to kiss you with red lipstick on, their might be a bit of a sticky situation **Im having a mental image of a guy being stuck to a girls red lips-PICCCHHHAK**. No seriously, this is way beyond the normal sticky factor, which makes application quite unforgiving and  difficult! Ofcourse that would mean that it does last for about 6 hours, which is a great thing! Its also a nice moisturizing lip gloss, so those with dry lips should not have a problem.

Mac Driven by Love Lipgloss Swatch: One Swipe


Overall Verdict:B+

Product:3.5/5, Pigmentation: 5/5, Texture:2.5/5, Longevity:4/5, Value & Packaging:3.5/5

Price: Rs 1100/- i think

Recommendation: Mac Pro Long Wear Driven by Love Lip glass from the Styledriven Collection is an absolutely stunning rich red, with unnoticeably gold shimmer embedded in it. It delivers opaque coverage in just one swipe, and lasts forever but its VERY sticky (MUCH more than regular Mac Lip glasses) and very thick- which sometimes almost makes it feel a bit gloopy. If you can handle that, then this range of lip glosses are really good otherwise-definitely the most pigmented  i have tried till date.

Disclaimer: Product Sent by Company.

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