Mac Melba Blush Swatch & Review

You know how you when you eat a bag of M & M’s, and go for all the fun colored ones and tend to ignore the basic brown ones only to find that the brown ones are actually super yummy? Well Mac Melba Blush reminds me of that neglected brown M & M. You see, while browsing through the Mac Blush Section i always got tempted with the Mac Dollymixes and Peaches, often overlooking the rather boring  Melba.But Baby dont let that fool you because Melba is one hell of a blush! I just googled “Melba” by the way and Peach Melba is actually this really yummy looking dessert. Im guessing the Mac geniuses had a bit of a sweet tooth while naming this…

So lets talk dirty. Dont get excited ..what i mean  is that Mac Melba  is a dirty peach blush (Dirty in the sense that it is a muddy, brownish peach.) Think of it like the mature , older , more sensible brother of my favourite Mac Blush in Peaches. Its a warmer and a tiny bit  browner though on the cheek it still retains the orange ‘happy’ quality of Peaches, while still appearing totally natural!. It is an absolutely fantastic color for many skintones and the darker girls can carry this off just as well as the lighter girls . But in general if i had to recommend it to someone i would recommend it to someone like a Deepika Padukone than a Kareena  , simply because its warmer and because its harder for the dusky girls to find a good blush okay! Let them have this little warm pan of peachyness !

Mac Matte Blushes are really like intense pigments in a pot. You wont have any problem with these showing up because they are intensely pigmented, and get loaded on to even the crapp-iest of brushes with utmost ease but that also means you need to go easy on that brush or you will end up looking like a clown. These last a good time  , like Melba lasts about 5 hours too, and are really silky smooth and blendable. One dip of a brush and *poof* a cloud of powder is seen in the air. What is perhaps annoying is that because the powder is so *poofy* it tends to accumulate along the edges of the pan very quickly, making your Blush appear rather used very quickly.

I like saying that *poofff* *ppoooff*** . Maybe if i *poof* hard enough the Mac Melba fairy god mother would appear *POOFFFFFF*. Okay nothing..


Mac Melba Blush Swatch- In real life its more peachy -orange and closer to the finger swatch above Somehow my camera didnt capture tht on my arm. Left is the UnBlended Swatch, Right is Blended

Overall Verdict: A

Product:4.5/5, Pigmentation:5/5, Texture: 4.5/5, Longevity: 4/5, Value & Packaging: 4/5

Price: Rs 1100/-

Recommendation: Mac Melba is a gorgeous warm , brownish peach blush that is so flattering on Indian Skintones. If you already own Mac Peaches, you may not need this since this is a darker , warmer version of that but this is gorgeous on its own merit and adds a lot of warmth to the face! If you are medium, or dusky this is one of those very pretty but ‘natural’ looking blushes!

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