Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Medium Dark Review

By  Guest Writer Parveen

You know whose joining the gang of girls who are always trying to look good? Guys! Yes..Men. Of course, they may not be spending money on cosmetics but rather on cosmetic surgeries!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a whopping 40% increase in guys demanding cosmetic surgeries compared to a year before, so everyone seems to be in search of that perfect skin .So, here we are with a review of a wonderful product that can make your skin miraculously good without harming it through all those surgeries: Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Natural..

What MAC says :

A luxurious domed face powder with minerals slowly baked to provide a dimensional yet natural matte finish. Provides perfect low coverage.Use to set and fix.

What I have to say:

All what is said by Mac  about its mineralize skinfinish is true true true.I have it in the shade medium dark and I just love this thing because  it makes me look just  naturally flawless even over my tinted moisturiser. My friends asked me if i have foundation on when  i just top my lotus sunscreen with this one and it makes my face look like that the whole day without budging…..

To tell you a bit about my skin-I basically dont  have too many  blemishes but i have tiny pores on my cheeks which is virtually erased by this powder. The powder is extremely finely milled , infact its probably the finest setting powder iv seen and with a stippling brush , application is a total breeze.It was a part of my mom’s new year gift to me and i have been using it religiously for a month as if i’ll turn into a frog if this thing is not on my face and yet, it looks anew!! Me so happy happy. It keeps me matte and satiny looking and gives that no make uplook..u know what i mean, as if i had just washed my face and come kinda look!! On the whole, its definitely worth the money i shell out!!

Girls who have oily skin, may not be too excited by the fact that the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish  doesn’t keep the oiliness away specially in summers i can imagine it being worse, this is not strong enough to make that sweat and shine go away in really sultry months.





  • Its Mineral!
  • Non Comedogenic
  • Finely Milled
  • Gives a flawless matte appearance
  • Lasts long
  • Conceals pores
  • Can be used to set the foundation …



  • It costs 1600 odd..but u see, if we are spending 200 rupees every 45 days on a compact and u calculate it for 12 months, it comes around 1600..So,its economical,you see..( Atleast, thats how i made my mom buy it)
  • Might not keep the oiliness away, specially in hot summer months


Overall Verdict: A


Would i buy again: crossing fingers that it will last atleast 8 months..when it gets over, yes..i’ll definitelybuy!

Price: Rs 1600/-

Recommendations:   The Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural gives a smooth, satin finish to the skin for that lovely, flawless glow. I absolutely love that i can just use this on top of my tinted moisturizer and im all set to go. Definitely worth the money for me, but if you have oily skin this may not b strong enough to keep away the oiliness .

About the Guest Writer

Parveen is a final year MBBS student at Allahabad. She says she is obsessed with makeup and medicine and at amateur at both! Well Parveen, i share atleast one of your obsessions!!

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