Mac Warm Snowglobe Eyeshadow Palette (Ice Parade Collection)
Guest Review by Dhara
Have you ever bought a product just because of its packaging ? Probably yes !! But have you ever bought a make up item worth Rs.2900 only because it looked cute ?? I just did – The Mac 6 Snowglobe Eye Shadow Warm palette from the recently launched Ice Parade Collection!!! I had my eyes on it since I read about it on Temptalia and I didn’t even  care what was inside the box. All I knew was that I wanted a dome full of floating silver sparkles sitting in my vanity case.  This collection is all about kits, consisting of 3 eye shadow palettes, 3 lip bags, 2 nail n lip bags, 3 eye bags, 2 face kits and 3 brush kits..phew !! So much to choose from if you don’t mind emptying your pockets. Only the eye shadow palettes and face kits are fitted into white square boxes with a small dome atop the lid filled with water/clear liquid loaded with tiny silver sparkle.
The MAC Warm Snowglobe Eyeshadow Palette Contains
  • 1. Winterscape Eyeshadow (Lustre) : Described as bright taupe pearl, I found it to be a sparkling white with icy, almost flaky shimmer. A slightest hint of pink is seen in the pan but its only frosty white on application. Good for inner corner, highlight and just a touch of this shadow on the eye ball can add an extra dash of sparkle to the finished look. Also this is the shadow with maximum fallout so you would want to be careful with this one.
  • 2. Magical Mist Eyeshadow (Lustre) : Described as sparkle concrete, this shadow is a taupe-y concrete colour with silver shimmer..Its a very beautiful shadow with minimal fallout and very wearable.
  • 3. Patina Eyeshadow (Frost):Described as taupe brown with golden pearl, its exactly that. Butter soft neutral shadow with golden sheen is a beautiful beautiful colour that can be very easily worn on the lids or in crease. Though being a frost shadow, its super easy to blend.
  • 4. Buckwheat Eyeshadow (Frost) :Described as bark brown, this shadow is an intense brown with fine bronze-y shimmer. Again a super soft shadow and very beautiful color payoff.
  • 5. Gaelic Gold Eyeshadow (Veluxe Pearl) : Described as gold, this shadow is a very intense gold. Almost antiqued ( not the MAC e/s Antiqued :p) Very beautiful and soft, easy to blend and very Indian. A must for traditional looks :)
  • 6. Midnight Flurry Eyeshadow (Matte) : Described as dark warm black, this is actually a blackish brown shadow and the worst of the lot. I am sucha fan of matte shadow but this one is a total let down. A bit of work to blend, and not so opaque.
Out of these 6, only 1 i.e Patina is in the permanent line while all others are Limited Edition shadows. This kit also includes a small little
Overall, this kit is actually more than only outer looks. All the shadows are well co-ordinated and can be combined to create a number of looks. The colors specially suit are skintones to the T, and all of them are soft and buttery with brilliant pigmentation. Except Midnight Flurry, which might take some work to blend all of the others are really  blendable and smooth to apply ! Added to that the five limited edition eyeshadows, and the cute box this was a must have for an eyeshadow lover like me!

Overall Verdict :A

Price: Rs 2900/- for a palette of 6

Recommendation: The Mac Warm Snowglobe Palette from the Ice Parade Collection contains 6 gorgeous colors in shades of brown to suit warm complexions. Apart from the matte eyeshadow, all of these are well pigmented , soft and buttery and more importantly- can be combined together in a multitude of ways!

About the Guest Writer

Dhara is slowly turning into a beauty addict, and she recently spent a whopping amount of money on this very MAC  Collection. This is her second review here, and its always a pleasure to have you!!!

PS: To all my guest writers, i know posting has been really slow but there was very limited net access in Dubai for me! Hence the delay!

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