Nyx Round Lip Gloss in Baby Pink

Guest Review by CSP Ballal

NYX claims :    

“NYX  Round Lip Gloss has 36 pretty shades to highlight the sexy pucker of yours. Feels silky smooth, long-lasting and the color in the bottle is the color on. A must have for all sexy girls”

My take on NYX Girls Round Lip Gloss in Baby Pink:

NYX Baby Pink Lip Gloss is a  pale, milky pink shade with silver shimmer.  The icy silver shimmer along with the paleness of the color make it suitable only for very pale, cool toned beauties. On me when I put this on I can easily identify a whitish cast on the lips so I can’t think of too many indian women carrying off this color, but if you are very cool toned and fair, you may want to look into this (though i am still undecided because of the whitish cast it leaves) . In summary ladies, be careful when you select this particular shade.

The packaging of this gloss is a standard tube like structure, a see through tube with a black cap that has a sponge applicator stick. The sponge applicator is of dove-foot structure that helps in gliding the gloss on the lips.The texture of the gloss is a perfect one, it does not make the lips  too sticky nor too shiny and gives a very creamy soft feel to the lips. However the gloss does not give full coverage.  The Nyx Round glosses are not a product that give complete pigmented color to the lips so if you have very dark lips, then i suggest you try before you buy. The lasting power is not great either just about 2 to 3 hours but then most glosses last around that much time!

Rating: B

Price: $3 for 2.5 ml

Recommendation:  Nyx Baby Pink Round Lip Gloss is a semi sheer  ,pale baby pink gloss with silver shimmer . It is most likely to suit only very fair and cool toned girls . Nyx Glosses are good value for money in my opinion they have a nice creamy texture, but don’t last too long. This particular shade left a strange whitish cast on my lips which other Nyx Round glosses didn’t.

About the Guest Writer

CSP Ballal is a software engineer residing in Mangalore with a craze for colored cosmetics and beauty products. She loves skin care too, and would love to own a blog some day. But for fear of not being able to do justice to her own space, she is writing at Peaches & Blush. You totally should start a blog CSP ! It takes some time to find your space, but its well worth it in the end!!! :)

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