Nyx Lip Pencil in Pinky

Guest Review by Kritika

Pinky: Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?

Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky – try to take over the world!

Do you remember Pinky and the Brain? It came on  Cartoon Network, when they still had their old logo and all, along with other such awesome shows. If not, lemme tell you, it was a cartoon with two genetically enhanced lab mice. Pinky was the cute and feebleminded one and Brain was the scheming one and would keep trying to take over the world only to fail because of Pinky’s idiocy. What’s the point you ask? Well, with this Nyx Slim Pencil in Pinky you surely can take over the world or at least make you feel like you can! It has a cute name and packaging and all, but don’t let that fool you..because it’s one hell of a bomb!

 Nyx says about its Slim Lip Pencils: Slim, trim but never prim, our lip pencils come in 60 dashing shades—from auburn to orange and traffic-stopping red. The buttery, long-wearing lip liner formula goes on easily and resists bleeding. Available in 60 shades

NYX Lip Pencils are remarkably pigmented lip pencils which  come in 60 shades and well 60 is a big number, so if you can’t find a shade in here I don’t think you ever will. These are exceptionally creamy and glide on easily but I guess some are less creamier than others, like my Nyx Lip Pencil in Natural is a tad bit less creamier than Pinky. They also wear pretty well alone and last a while, but since they are matte and no magic lip liners, you’ll have to keep a balm or a moisturizing lipstick handy. They will accentuate your lip lines, so if your lips are exceptionally dry someday I’d suggest you to not wear them alone that particular day. They are slim, trim and long and sharpen well with any regular sharpener. They are longer than an average eye or lip pencils and might not fit snugly in your makeup bag, mine always has its head sticking out like a little watch guard !

Nyx Lip Pencil in Pinky is a really bright, matte deep pink. Almost neon-ish. I think it’s more of a fuchsia but Nyx has another lip pencil called fuchsia, so if this is looks like fuchsia then what would that fuchsia look like? It’s a mystery I tell you. But anywhoo, it’s a beautiful bold uber-pink color, it will cheer you up and put you out of your winter blues. You feel like you can take over the world once you put it on, but beware of the stares. You can definitely tone it done by wearing a nude lip gloss. If you are looking for something soft and subtle, you might wanna look in the other direction because Nyx Pinky Lip Pencil definitely ain’t one.

Overall Verdict :A

Price: Rs 221/- from www.stylecraze.com

Recommendation:Whether you are on a budget or not, these Nyx Slim lip pencils are one of the best out there. They can be drying if worn alone but look lovely when paired with lipsticks or glosses.Love them! 

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Kritika here is a girl who just started work, a gossip girl addict just like   me (though now i have moved on to greater things like pretty little liars) and  she has a lot more posts up her sleeve. I really enjoyed reading this Kritika  and you know what you can do with your Nyx Lip Pencil in Natural? Review it for me *evil grin*

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