If you see me walking around Delhi with a creature who thinks he is in the North Pole , please dont laugh. The boy has moved to Delhi, (yes moved- no long distance anymore!!) and he insists on wearing a monkey cap, a sweater, and a jacket with the hood on everywhere we go (Somebody please tell him its almost warm now, compared to what we faced in January!!!!!). These Eskimo types from out of Delhi – they make me laugh !

So while the boy is dressed like an eskimo, this is what i am dressed as. This is one of my favourite times of the year- when the sun comes out during the day and provides just enough warmth, but there is still a very slight nip in the air for you to throw a light cotton jacket on. Its my Dilli the way i like it ! <3 <3 (Though now that the boy is also here-its my Dilli the way i love it  **Muahhh: Tweeety Kisss** )

Outfit Breakdown:

  • Grey Top with Cream Ruffles : Vero Moda Sale Rs 560/-
  • Black & White Striped Cape: Calvin Klein Rs 3500/- on sale
  • Dark Brown Tights (I survived winter in these- they are lined with fleece on the inside) : Rs 500/- from some random shop!
  • Wine colored Booties (From Dubai): Rs 750/-
  • Forever 21 Necklace from Dubai : Rs 250/-
  • Black Sequinned Bag (From Primark in Uk -Gifted)
  • My Blackberry (Cant live without this). I recently got 3 e-mails from readers asking me how i manage my time between blog, full time work, boy, wedding preparations, replying to emails etc. No credit to me- all credit to my BB!!!

We saw “The Descendants” the other day. George Clooner *Swoon*. Though he does look kind of old in the movie, George Clooney can always get me starry eyed and  swooney. The movie was okay- if you like emotional dramas you shall love it but it was a tad slow for my liking! In other news, i got up today with a big red spot inside my eye- totally matching my booties you see. Not that you needed to know any of this, but its freaking me out. The doc said i shouldnt worry and it shall go away in a day or two but me no liking the little red riding hood inside the eye!! Shoo! Go away red spot!

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