I wish i could sit here and tell you about all my fabulous date plans for tonight. Unfortunately though, for a couple who is in the grind of a corporate job, both of us are working late, and he is travelling so our V-day Date has been postponed to the weekend! In the mean time though , i did manage to get the boy to sit down and answer a few questions for the Boyfriend tag!! I thought it was quite V-day Appropriate so here goes!!!! 

*One thing about us. We dont have a snap where both of us are looking into the camera. They are all semi cartoony like this one*

1. Where did you two meet?

Boy: “The last place u would expect a marketing MBA and an economist to collide- a freaking healthcare company”

(Yeah..we interned at the same place and got allotted the same desk..twice in a row”)
2. When was your first date?

Boy :” She would think it was the movie we went to after i asked her out, but really every interaction after we met was a bit of a date i think”

(He is trying to earn brownie points here by appearing all romantic )


3.  Where was your first kiss and  how was it

Boy:” Thankfully the first movie we went for was also the most boring, so you know…”

Me: ” Wtf…that was not the first kisss…dont you even remember??!!”

Boy “Uhh..ofcourse i do..but it was the same day as the movie na”

Me: “Yes, but not inside the cinema hall. Please dont make people think i make out in cinema halls ok”
4.Did you know she was the one?

Boy:” I knew, she didnt”

(He is trying to earn brownie points again. Neither one of us knew really)

5. What was your first impression of her

Boy:” Pfft..Typical Delhi Girl”

Me: “And that means”

Boy” Forget it. I dont think i can explain that type of species in a couple of lines”
6. When did you meet the parents

Boy” A year and a half back”

(He met my mom before i met his parents but around that time)
7.Who said i love you first

Boy” Oh im sure you want me to answer ki i said it first hai na”

Me” No..answer what you remember”

Boy “I think you said it first”

Me“You made me say it. Uff you dont remember anything man!”
10. What do we argue about the most

Boy : ” Ugh. Wedding preparations man. She has an opinion on everything. And home decor- she made me spend more on a fridge because it was “nicer looking”. Who gives a shit about how a fridge looks?? Its supposed to freeze things, not be a piece of art!!!. Also we argue about whethe its  normal fr a 25 year old girl to excessively drool over a 55 yr old man”

(Before you guys start judging me, he is talking about George Clooney)
13.  Who wears the pants in the relationship

Boy: “I do, or atleast she likes to give me the feeling that i do…except in malls or multiplexes where my pants are snatched away from me”

Me” Multiplexes? Are you kidding me? When did you ever agree to go to a rom-com with me?. Can i please remind you of how you tricked me into watching A-team by telling me its about a bunch of cheerleaders called the A-team

Boy” hahaha. You are so stupid sometimes you will fall for anything”


4. She is watching tv  . What is on the screen

Boy: Pfft “Reality tv” which even she knows is fake yet continues to watch it

Me:“Hello, Pretty Little Liars remember”

Boy:” Thats is also reality only na?”

Me:” I told you its about a murder that happened and a blackmailer. How the hell can that be reality?”

Boy:” I dont pay attention when you talk about the shows you watch”
15. What does she not like to eat

Boy : “Anything healthy”


16. You got to a restaurant and order a drink. What does she order

Boy: “Fresh Lime Soda..thats her definition of a ‘drink’. Sometimes Mojito or Wine if she is in the mood”

(yep thats true..FLS, Mojito, Wine)
17. Whats her size in clothing

Boy “Differs depending on which part yr talking about- Tongue in cheek”

(He doesnt know any of my clothing sizes so he thought he can get away by being cheeky)

18.  If she was collecting anything what would it be

Boy : “I dont know dude”

(He is running out of patience now)


19. Whats her favourite type of sandwich

Boy :” If you tell me its Chicken Tikka i will disown you man. There is a limit to how Punjabi you can be. Okay i think its Chicken and Ham at Subway”

(Sort of true…i like Roasted Chicken and Chicken Ham at Subway.. i care more abt the sauces)
20.If she could eat one thing everyday what would it be

Boy: “Chocolate”

(So true)
21. Whats her favourite type of music

Boy: “Frankly she is not a music person. If she was then she would listen to all that Bryan Adams and pop crap. How many questions are left”

Me” Just 3-4 dont worry”

Boy” Dont lie”

Me“Okay 7-10”

Boy” You realise im at work? .

Me ” You realise we are not going out on V day?”

(We are opposites in music. He is a total music person. He needs David Guetta and all those house music kind of people to get him going. I can dance on anything -but really i love my Shiela and Munni along with the Guetta)

23. What color are her eyes

24. Who is her best friend

Boy: “Me”
25. What is one thing you do that annoys her

Boy ” How can anything i do irritate anyone”

Me” Pleaaase”

Boy” What do you mean pleaasse. Sounds like you have a long list. Lets hear. I can only say you get annoyed cos i want t go and club too often and watch too  many of those action movies.

Me mumbling to myself “One of the many things”

Boy” I heard that”

Me “Next Question”



26. Where is she from/ Whats her heritage

Boy” Shes an angel from the sky” (Said in an exaggerated whisper voice)

Me : ” Umm LOL. ”

Boy: ” See , atleast that made you laugh. This is a dumb question. You are punjabi, your mom is from Ludhiana. You are from Delhi . What a boring answer”
27. What sport did she play in the past?

Boy” Is hopscotch counted as a sport”

(I suck at sports. I used to swim, but basketball and soccer were not my things”
28.  What can she do hours doing

Boy “Blogging”
29. Whats her special talent

Boy” Shes a dancer! Do you see now why i want to club so often?”
30. Why do you love her

Boy” Because of the answers to q1 to q29″
Boy” So how did i do? im not good at rapid fire…”
Me” Lol..This was not Bournvita Quiz Contest you know”

There it was  .Ze Boyfriend tag. I tag everyone who is in a relationship, or who is married, or who is going to be married!! Do it. Its fun to read !!!

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