If you have a rather indulgent significant other, maybe you can convince him to get you one of these stunning pieces of jewels?  Try some coaxing or promise to return *favours* Ahem. These are Valentines day special jewellery collections from some of the big  jewellery names in India. Enjoy the pictures  and tell me your favourite piece girls!

Gehna Jewellery 

Diamond Ring encrusted with rubies

 Gehna Jewellers Valentines Day Special Collection: Rubies & Diamonds

Designer Jewellery is always a superb choice. There is also ethnic as well as contemporary jewellery for the modernists. Ask any woman about a piece of jewellery she’s wearing and you’ll hear a tale of romance, travel, adventure, friendship, celebration or personal epiphany. Choosing jewellery as your Valentine’s Day gift, expresses your love and gratitude. Stick with tradition this Valentine’s Day.

Gehna Jewellers brings you most exquisite pieces of jewellery from elegant necklaces, stunning bracelets and cocktail rings this Valentine’s studded with diamonds, rubies, rosecut diamonds and pink onyx on 18kt gold.

Red signifies passion and diamonds are forever!

“The Valentine’s Day special line of Gehna Jewellers is individualistic, elegant, sensual, and full of romance, the preferred stones for this line are diamonds and rubies,” says Sunil Datwani (Director, Gehna Jewellers).

Bracelet with diamonds and a center ruby

Set with Diamonds and Drop Rubies

Drop Earrings with Diamonds and Rubies

Zoya Jewellery

Solitaire surrounded by round diamonds and marquis shaped blue stones

Zoya  Jewellers  Lace Collection for Valentines Day: Diamonds and Color in Rings & Earrings

Inspired by sensuality. Crafted with passion. Designed to entice. Zoya, the exquisite diamond boutique, a Tata product, recreates the romance of a bygone era  with a very exclusive line of jewelry inspired by the motifs of lace.

With the Lace line of jewellery, Zoya captures the intricate motifs of lace in a collection where threads of beautiful gold weave around diamonds and other precious stones. The Lace Collection is embellished with stones like diamonds, emeralds, rubies and tanzanites.

The Lace Collection launches in Zoya stores for the festive season. A limited edition line comprising of distinct products, the Lace Collection gets inspired by the motifs of lace where sensuality is crafted with passion and designed to entice. From cocktail rings to elegant earrings, the Lace line of jewelry from Zoya is truly stunning.

Available at: Zoya- Mumbai |106, DHUN-ABAD, Warden Road, Near St. Stephen’s Church, Mumbai- 400036 Tel:  022- 65259605 / 66349606.

Minawala Jewellery

Heart Shaped Diamond Earrings

Minawala Bejewelled Valentines Day Collection: Diamonds and White Gold in Heart Shaped &  Cluster Settings

Love is thinking beyond the moment while being in the moment & nothing says that better than a ‘forever diamond’ and an ‘everlasting ruby’. Jewellery has always been a symbol of power, passion, love and is also one of the luxurious forms of imaginative expression. Get mesmerized as Minawala Jewellers unveils their Bejeweled Valentine’s Collection with exquisite diamonds and rubies designed to symbolize a commitment which goes beyond the confines of mortal life.

The alluring Bejeweled Valentine Collection by Minawala Jewellers epitomizes the universal symbol of love and echoes out all the emotions that the heart can hold. This Bejeweled Valentine Collection is a perfect gift for the one of the most romantic days of the year, adding up to the joie de vivre of our loved ones. Speaking of the new Bejeweled Valentine Collection, Mr. Shehzad Zaveri, Creative Director, Minawala Jewellers says, “The Valentine Collection is an elegant, well crafted assortment of dazzling diamonds and rubies that symbolize love, purity and eternity.”

Diamonds and rubies symbolize the eternal gift of love. Their sheer spotlessness gives it a sense of radiance, whilst their strength entails infinity, making them a perfect gift to say ‘I love you’. The Bejeweled Valentine Collection by Minawala Jewellers is driven by artistic and modern design with graceful looks along with the scintillating diamonds and rubies embedded in white gold making a charming collection and awe-inspiring for gifting.

Ring with Amethyst ANd Diamonds in a cushion-esque setting

Heart Shaped Solitaire Ring on a band

Which one of these was your favourite? I suggest you bookmark this and send it to your significant other saying “Hint . Hint”.

Miracles do happen!

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