Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2012 Day 1

Kicking off the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week  (WLIFW Autumn Winter 2012) madness (which for me means-endless posting of images day upon day relentlessly), lets take a look at some of the shows on Day 1. SHantanu & Nikhil were the heavy weights, opening the Week with S & N Drape . This was followed by a host of designers like Anand Kabra , Preeti Chandra , Anupama Dayal and lots more

Shantanu & Nikhil Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2012 Autumn Winter Collectionn

S&N Drape


Shantanu & Nikhil’s Show combined metallic dresses, with a whole lot of glitz and sheen. There were mostly muted metallics, generously sparsed with a pop of bright color in between-fuschia pinks, a gorgeous turquoise and some vibrant reds. While the metallics were short and sexy, there was also lace and net on the runway- very feminine , very girly. What i really liked were the metallic cut out pieces- those were stunning i think.I also think it would have been interesting to combine lace & net with the metallic textures- it would have provided that edgy kick to the romantic lace (kind of how the asos dress i was lusting after was). There were also those saree style gowns (or concept sarees if you may) with a  whole lot of bling. This was the collection you would want in your closet if you are the party-girl!

Anand Kabra Kami Collection WLIFW 2012- All about Purity

Anand Kabra’s Collection was muted , earthy colors with a lot of traditional indian work. There was a bit of glitz here too but in very subtle ways. He used a lot of tie and dies and traditional indian fabrics in his collection. Personally, not my favourite collection but i liked some of the pieces where he combined indian and western silhouettes

Anupama Dayal  Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2011 Collection

Anuama Dayals Collection seemed so much fun just from the photos, it really made me wish i was there. Not really “Autumn Winter” this ..more like crazy, bohemian summer but  fun none the less. There were such fun whimsical outfits, specially that one lehenga with the extra flared skirt- i would love to wear something quirky like that for a small function of mine like the mehendi or something…


PS: Are you guys interested in more Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week Photos?? I can put in the effort and do this everyday, but i want to make sure someone is even reading this/ liking this…


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