Bourjois 3d effet Lipgloss in Rose Lyric

Guest Review by Prerna

How many of you have  been deceived by store lights and ended up buying wrong shades of lipstick, liners or worse even foundation?!It is so frustrating sometimes to come home and realize just how different the product looks from the time you swatched it at the counter and bought it impulsively perhaps :p. The same was the story behind this Bourjois lipgloss- the  new 3d effet formula one in Rose Lyric . I was looking for a soft peachy pink but ended up buying up a slightly cool toned brighter pink!!! Those store lights i tell ya ! But guess what- i now realise just how amazing this gloss is , brighter pink and all!

What the company claims:

“Bourjois New 3d Effet Lip Gloss Formula is now paraben-free and contains 92% of hydrating and nourishing protective agents for a realbalm action whilte still enriched with micro crystalline wax for a deep, voluminous and ultra-shiny result. You can now treat your lips to our historic 3 Dimensional volume for a super glossy plumped-up pout, while keeping them hydrated for 8 hours! The specially designed brush applicator is even more precise for an easier application! You can check out more shades here

As I mentioned the Rose lyric  is slightly cool toned pink with small little flecks of silver and purple shimmer. The gloss is decently pigmented too. Despite the glitter and high shine it does not look too loud or gritty, its definitely not disco ball glitter on your lips. It may not be highly moisturising but it definitely is not drying. I also like that the gloss has a decent staying power. It wears for around 4  hours atleast  and fades evenly after that. It survives light snacks and drinks too! It may not live up to its ‘8h hour’ wear claim but come on, like don’t we all know that is an invention gloss lovers are still waiting for :p. And despite the longer wear time than your average gloss, the texture is not highly sticky or gloopy and feels comfortable on the lips.
The Bourjois 3d effet lipgloss comes with a  brush applicator and picks up a good amount of product in one go. Unlike some glosses where you need to keep digging in for the gloss multiple times for product enough to show on lips..irritating that is na!. As for the ‘3D effect’, well I think it does have it a small bit and definitely helps making lips look healthy and luscious!  Small little flecks of glitter maybe left behind after the gloss has worn off but they are barely noticeable and can be taken care of easily. And this is the only con I can find with it maybe other than the 8hour wear claim! And I remember all the shades in the range have some good amount of shine and glitter, so not for you if you looking for a cream gloss (read Chambor Glitzy gloss!). The price is also on the higher side than your average drugstore glosses but I find it all worth for the quality it delivers.

Rating: A

Price: Rs 550/-

My final thoughts: I think The Bourjois 3d Effet Lip gloss in Rose lyrics may just be the best gloss I have tried till date. I love the shine, shimmer and even the staying power makes me happy! It also has a wide array of colors from pinks to neutrals to even some darker shades. It would have been perfect had it met it is claim of ‘8h wear’ and being ‘highly’ hydrating. If you are a gloss lover, you should definitely check out these babies at the counter next time!

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