You know you have chosen the right lehenga, when the minute you go for a trial, four other girls in the shop turn their heads with their mouth open and  ask the assistants “Mujhe voh vaala dikhao” (Translation: Show me that one)! I’m not gloating, but  I have to say i get some sort of evil pleasure in watching the faces of others in Frontier Raas when my lehenga comes out. I just try it on very smugly and say “Yup, i bought this. Oh you think its pretty? Really? Why  Thank you so much. No it’s not Sabyasachi, it’s a Sabyasachi look-alike. Hope you find your perfect one ”  Though honestly in my head im thinking “La-la-la Im Sure mine is prettier than yours!!!”. Is that too evil? I think so, but then you only get to be a bride-zilla once in your life right?

The most often asked question: Colors of my lehenga. It’s actually 6 different colors i think. Its indigo blue and red, its turquoise and orange, its yellow and gold. I don’t know . It’s a very traditional lehenga- none of that bling bling swarovski but traditional Gotta Patti and zari work on a very bright base. It’s the combination of colors which makes it slightly modern looking! Sigh. I love it. Like L-O-V-E it !!!!!!

Picture of the lehenga : You will just have to wait until June/July!!!

Honeymoon Plans

If you think you are in a happy relationship with minimal disturbances, try getting married. If venues and dates wont drive you both mad , honeymoon plans definitely will. Both of us had always wanted to go to Australia for our Honeymoon, but you know those Pandit-ji’s always throw a spanner in the works- so when they took out our date for June we just looked at each other and sighed. Because Australia is freezing in June and since the boy walks around in a monkey cap when its 24 degrees outside, I really don’t want to risk honeymooning in Australia it would be like honeymooning with a Polar Bear. So Europe is what is on the cards! The problem- im a planner, I like things organised and thought out. He is a dreamer, he likes things impulsive and last-minute. Given how expensive europe is ( even  the  11000/- a night rooms are small enough to fit just a squirrel), we really do need to plan and budget every detail – not something mr.boy likes to do!


More failed makeup trials.

Oh lord. Two more trials. One at Juice in Hyderabad (made my face too white and ghostly, and even though she made it totally glowing and radiant, she covered it with powder and ruined it) and one with Soul Parlour (this one was not bad- but not special either). So where am i- back to square one. There is of course Bubbles Salon- Tanuja (but she is pregnant and due in May which kind of rules her out of the picture). So now, i have Doris who sent me some pics which were not bad. She also asked for photos of my lehenga and promised to send me some ideas, which is something i liked because it seemed like she is taking an interest. But still, hiring an artist without a trial im going to be shitting bricks on my wedding day. Oh wait, indian brides don’t talk like that- uhh im going to be a nervous wreck on my wedding day. That’s better.


A lot of people are asking me what im doing for my skin, and the answer unfortunately is not a lot! I think i kind of take my skin for granted because it behaves itself. The only thing i noticed was that because its so dry, all those heavy duty concealer cake up on my face so bad!!! So what i am doing is simply – getting healthier skin. No lotions and potions- but drinking a ton of water daily (I have a reminder which goes offf on my phone every hour to make me drink two glasses ), im eating healthy, im making sure my skin is hydrated and protected with my Forest Essentials Oil, Neutrogena Light Night Cream an Neutrogena Sunblock during the day. I also bought  the Kiehls under eye avocado cream which is supremely moisturizing for my under eye area and it makes my concealer go ons moothly without going into fine lines . I will go for pre-bridals, but not yet maybe just twenty days before the wedding or something.

Thats a random outfit i was trying on in Frontier Raas. I keep getting second thoughts of my own Suneet Varma Outfit, because the color is extremely dull , so i always get lured into trying these pretty colors. This was apparently too “naked” for a bride my mom said. Plus look how my tummy comes out !!!! :O !!  Then i came home and looked at my Suneet Varma outfit, and realised that even though the color is dull i really dont care, i love how princessy it is- even if its grey/silver.  Im hoping this realisation will continue atleast for the next 3 months- im always in like a different mind about it :( . Sigh. Fingers crossed, people will understand the prettiness of it and not say things like “Leh- yeh bhi koi rang hai pehne waala!!” You know those punjabi aunties right?

Lets see apart from that most of the check boxes are ticked. Venues, Mehendi people, Outfits ..yup. only thing left now is song selections and practices and oh yes, deciding on a MUA!

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