For all those ludhiana girls who follow my blog (i know there are quite a few of you out there), you MUST  head to my cousins exhibition called ‘Bellezaa” which is on till tomorrow (Sunday) at Park Plaza till  8: 30 pm ! Im not just saying this because Aanchal is my cousin sister, but i can guarantee  what you will find in Bellezaa, will not be regular run of the mill stuff. If you want to have a trousseau that looks every bit a high end designer one, without breaking your bank – Bellezaa will not dissapoint! Even if you miss the exhibiton, but want to get pieces made to order from her, contact me and i shall give you her contact details ! For now, i have some of the photos from her work, but there are tons more !!!!

The prices in her collection range from 7,000 to 35,000/- so there is something for every budget!!! Do visit her stall tommorow, but incase you dont just drop me an email at and ill  give you her contact details! Oh and if you DO visit her tommorow , then definitely tell her you came there from Mehaks blog okay?


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