Three is a crowd they say, but then somethings are just better in triples. Like ice cream sundaes- 3 scoops are always better than two. Like -The power puff girls (You need 3 to save the world) or like gol gappas (You need the sweet water, the spicy water and the stuffing -all three to make that one mouth watering bite) (And yes- im a delhi girl. I shall call then Gol gappas and not “Pani Puris”or ” Puchkas”- thats just wrong).  You know what else is better in triple – the Chambor Eyeshadow trio’s which house three cute little shadows next to each- like this particular one called ”Dazzling Sphinx” which i happened to recieve in my Feb Blisscovered Box!

The Chambor Eyeshadow Trio in Dazzling Sphinx, contains 3 shades fit for an Indian Princess. I say that because these are colors which go so well with indian wear, and specially if you are a bride to be, this would be a great addition to your makeup trousseau. There is that yellowy gold which will work with all those gold embellishments, and then there is that stunning  reddish copper  to give it company. The yellow gold reminds me a little bit  of Mac Amberlights , and the reddish copper one is like a mix of Mac Coppering and Mac Cranberry.  The silvery white is a bit of an odd one out because even though its meant to highlight, it doesnt quite fit in so easily, but for what its worth the other two shades are totally stellar. While the white shadow is more of a sparkly, glitter shadow, the other two are more like frost finish eyeshadows minus the obtrusive glitter particles. Infact the shimmer is really fine, and fallout is really minimal too!!

In terms of quality- Can  i just saw wow? I mean, yes Chambor always has quality products but these eyeshadows are beyond amazing. Specially given the price they come at, they easily mimic Mac /Inglot Quality eyeshadows. They are very pigmented, super smooth and incredibly buttery soft on application. They dont quite have the lasting power of Mac Shadows but they last long enough without creasing, and are just a total breeze to apply. The  white shade is a bit of an odd one out in the quality department too , because it is less pigmented (more sparkle, less pigment) than the other two, but otherwise its hard to find better shadows at this price. Totally recommended!!! I am so getting more of these trio’s  if i find some nice colors!

Overall Verdict :A

Price: Rs 495/-

Recommendation: The Chambor Eyeshadow Trio is absolutely amazing at the price it comes at!!! These shadows were so buttery soft and pigmented, they really do mimic Mac eyeshadows are a totally great price. Dazzling Sphinx is a great quad if you are looking for some eyeshadow options to match your indian wear. Totally recommended!!

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