Clarins White Plus HP Clear Softening and Peeling Gentle Renewing Lotion Review

Softening and Peeling are two words i thought i would only hear in a cooking show (First we ‘soften’ the tom-ah-toes and then we peeeel them!) . So when i received this sample size of Clarins  Clear Softening Peeling Gentle Renewing Lotion  in my blisscovered box, i stared at it long and hard and asked it “What are you supposed to do lotion? Show me your tricks” . It just lay there, flat on its back staring back at me and snorted “Figure it out for yourself supposed beauty blogger”!

So i tried to, and from the limited information i could find on the internet and on the leaflet inside i figured that this is basically some what of a night treatment that is supposed to renew the skin cells and your inner glow ! It says the ideal usage is twice a week and this is what it claims:

  • Intensively renews, eliminates dead skin cells, brings softness and tightens pores
  • Helps Balance and improve the tone of even the most fragile skin!

The lotion inside is this clear gel like liquid which immediately gets spread on to your face very easily, so a tiny bit goes a really long way. The first time i put this on,it kind of freaked out because i could smell the alcohol inside it. I was worried it was going to make me shed layers of skin or something (You know like… snake skin ) !! But its really quite gentle, there isnt any peeling that happens , and once its on your face you feel just a tad bit sticky. Im not saying you turn into glue,  but if you touch your face you will notice just a bit of stickiness. The important part though is, after using this for about a month- i feel like my face glows more, it looks more even in tone, and feels softer and more radiant. There is something about when i wake up in the morning and see my face, the apples of my cheeks have that glow on their own. (People say its just the pre-bridal glow, but really i think its just Clarins working its softening peeling magic).  I also feel like areas of darkness in my skin, and certain spots seem to have reduced and look less prominent! In short – im kind of loving it!

Another thing i like is that its non drying, in fact it hydrates my skin to some level which is surprising for a peeling agent . My only reservation is that it kind of adds another step (very expensive step mind you) in my night skin care routine because it cannot replace my night cream or oil, plus im not sure how good this is for the skin in the long run.

Overall Verdict: A

Price: Rs 2000 for 125 ml

Recommendation: The Clarins Softening Peeling Gentle Renewing Lotion is a clear gel like liquid meant to be used overnight that has totally worked for me ! I feel like my skin glows more, feels softer and radiant and more even in tone with continued usage (twice a week) for more than a month! The price tag is expensive, and it adds a somewhat unneccessary step in my night time routine, but i might get this full size when feeling indulgent!

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