Colorbar waterproof lip liner- TRUE RED 008

Guest Review by Ashwini

As a teenager I had vowed that I would never wear red except may be for my wedding so I bought my first red lipstick during my wedding. Since then however,  im addicted to red, not just lip colour but everything. Wearing red is a cheat method to look glam (I read this in cosmo and I am just going to blindly believe that). Before you think I hoard red lipsticks, I will tell you that I have a basic red lip liner, lipstick and a gloss. I have tested so many and bought only what suited me. For a red lipstick, lip liner is a must since achieving a defined look is necessary  as its such an attention grabbing colour that even your guy will notice if the lip colour is smeared out of line (Seriously- even those blind bats will notice!) Today im gonna review the only red lip liner I own(I dont need any other since this is the truest red)

Colorbar Claims:  Give your lips a fuller, healthier look with our Waterproof Lip Liner. Waterproof and long-lasting, it keeps the lipstick in place without smudging it. Smooth and soft to apply in a single stroke, this retractable Waterproof Lip Liner enhances the lips while keeping them nourished and moisturised with Vitamin E and C. Perfect with any lipstick or lip gloss, the Retractable Waterproof Lip Liner is available in 10 gorgeous shades.

Shade : Colorbar True Red lip liner is a warm toned red with orange undertones. Its neither too bright nor too dark, I would say medium red, goes with all my red lipsticks and gloss. Earlier I had posted a review about the Maybelline Cranberry Cocktail  Lip Gloss  and this is the liner I use for that. im medium complexion with orange undertones and this red compliments me so well that I would wear it a lip colour too. Its universally flattering colour IMO.

Texture : creamy, good that it comes in a retractable pencil or else so much of the product would have been wasted.

The good points:

  1. Retractable pencils are always favoured by me, no hassle of sharpening and travel friendly.
  2. Creamy texture makes it super easy to use, no tugging and easy lining.
  3. Colour is such that it would work with most red lip colours. It can also be used as a lip colour to give that matte red lips.
  4. Intensely  pigmented. I own another lighter shade which has good pigmentation but lesser staying power.
  5. Doesn’t dry my lips. It sets to matte finish though. if used as a lip colour, it accentuates lines so a gloss over it is a must.
  6. Smudge proof.

The bad points:

  1. So creamy that it will finish up early.(that’s the only con I could find)


Rating : A

Price : rs.275 for 0.35g

Final recommendation : colorbar products  never fail to deliver their claims and this lip liner in true red  is a fine example for that. If you are buying a red lipstick for the first time or you already own quite a few and are looking for a liner, give this a try, its a good value for money considering the quality. The lasting power may differ between different shades of the lip liner, but this is one of the longer lasting shades from Colorbar.

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