Deborah Color Copy Foundation Review  – (Oily to Combination skin)

by Guest Writer Ashwini

 The search for finding that  ‘perfect’ foundation never ends and in this mad search I used to browse  the internet and shops till crazy hours in my quest to find the greatest in base makeup. This was a time when my marriage was approaching and so you see I wanted atleast  a ‘near perfect’ one, and thats when i chanced upon the Deborah Color Copy Foundation .

  • Deborah Claims

“Innovative foundation that matches skin tone and caters to the needs of specific skin types.
Formulated with “Micro Silica”, an ingredient with a sponge effect that soaks up shine in the T-zone and leaves the skin looking velvety smooth for hours. SPF10. Hypoallergenic”

  • My thoughts:

I cant really say this is  ‘the perfect’ foundation…how can i? We girls are always wanting more than that is being offered ..but its ‘nearly perfect’…because it does what it claims. It evens out my skin tone and it just sinks into it -I tried to see through magnifying mirror and I still couldn’t say where it has disappeared! They claim it as a mousse-cream foundation , but it doesn’t have that dreamy soft chocolate mousse consistency- it is medium thick and takes some time to blend but once  set,it cant be noticed. I use my fingers to blend and I have had no problem with that.  It sets to a matte finish, and the matte finish lasts for atleast 6 to 8 hours after which my t- zone  does become slightly shiny, which is not a big  problem for me since I do touch up with my compact powder after some 4 hrs and then I don’t bother at all. The coverage is medium to heavy,I say this because it hides my dark circles too for some extent(I have given up on concealer as nothing seems to hide them fully) and this evens out some uneven pigmentation in my skin.

   The shade I got is 03.the name apricot(how yummy!) is mentioned only on the tube but I didn’t see that on website,I got this online.  It matches my skin tone perfectly…im medium wheatish with orange undertones,neither fair nor dusky. One of the best things about thr Deborah Color Copy Foundation is that it doesnt leave any whitish cast when photographed . I have tried potographing this in various different lights, but it always came out triumphant so hurray on the photo front!

Summarising the pro s and con s :

Pro s of Deborah Color Copy Foundation:

1. Matte finish which is great for my oily skin .

2.Lasts long.

3.Medium to full coverage and still no cakey or whitish cast.

4.Spf 10.

5.Comes in 6 shades which is better than other drugstore ones and this one has yellow to orange undertone which is apt for our indian skin tones.

6.Comes in three variants…’nude perfection’-for all skin types,’dry to sensitive skin’ and ‘oily to combination skin’.i have mentioned only of the clour copy range but I found lot more in others in the same you may find atleast one that suits your skin tone.

7.Sturdy and hygeinc packaging,travel friendly,I carry it in my bag all time.

8.Didnt clog the pores,no breakouts.for reference, my skin is oily and prone for breakouts.

Con s :

1.No full ingredients mentioned except for the micro silica part.its a big con,I know but until I find one that are upto the above mentioned pro s ,I shall compromise with it.

2.Not fragrance free.has a sweet herbal smell.not a con for me though.

3.Availability is definetly a problem,I have not found this in any atore in Bangalore,if u do,pls comment below.i bought it online on discount,i took a wild guess in the shade and it just matched!

Rating :A

Price :Rs.595 for 30ml.

Recommendation: If you are looking for a economical,medium coverage,matte finish and long lasting foundation, then the Deborah Color Copy will not dissapoint. Since it’s a mousse,prior use of a moisturiser helps it in blending, but apart from that there is little to complain about this foundation, specially for oily or combination skin !

About the Guest Writer

Ashwini is a doctor by profession and chanced upon P & B while browsing for makeup for her impending wedding. Always a pleasure to have you here Ashwini! This color copy foundations sounds good for oily girls. Shall recommend to the sister.

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