Review of Espirit Eyeshadow Quartet in Golden Eyes

 By Guest Writer Tanmayee

I never knew Esprit housed cosmetics until when in Germany, I just lazily wandered in a Esprit store to check out some clothes and Lo! My eyes wandered to their cosmetics bar :). I was surprised to see a whole range of cosmetics and after going through the whole lot, decided to buy one of their eyeshadow quartets.

The quartet’s name is “Golden Eyes”, consisting of the following shades, swatched accordingly:-

–                    Light highlighting shade in cream color

–                    Warm golden color

–                    Taupe color

–                    Warm coppery brown color

I love this quartet. It has a beautiful color combination, which makes the use of the colors in itself or in combination a cakewalk. One just has to take up the eyeshadow brush and play with it which ends up in quite a few looks. Its a versatile quartet and has almost no fallout. With primer it lasts upto 6 hours and without it fades away in 2 to 3 hrs,  as I have oily lids.

Now coming to the ouch! Factor, I feel they are a tad hard and moderate in pigmentation but can be built up. I have to run the brush with a substantial amount of pressure(when it comes to eye shadows) to get the color on the bristles which makes blending a bit difficult . I am not much of a eyeshadow person(wear only on occasions and parties, so it doesn’t matter to me much though :P :).  In terms of the packaging  it is quite sturdy, similar to lakme quartets in look. (Editors Note: This looks so similar to Lakm Quartets- i wont be surprised if its the same supplier)

Overall Verdict: B+

Price: 5 euros
Recommendation: I feel the Esprit Golden Eyes EYeshadow Quad is  a great quartet for novices, and experts as well :P. All the colors are a safe bet and work so well together.  The shadows may be a tad bit hard and okay-ish in the pimentation department but can be built up to a solid color. At the price it comes for I really don’t mind :). Its a good quartet worth giving a try, other variants are also available which can be seen in their website.


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