Faces Canada Eye Pencil Review

By Guest Writer Sktribal

I always thought of turquoise as the colour of the sea (Editors Note: You mean the sea in Maldives right?? Sea in India is like grey , except in Goa !!:p) . You know that beautiful, light bluish-green colour? So, when I saw this deep, dark blue by Faces Canada  called Faces Turquoise Blue Long Wear Eye Pencil,  I was a little shocked . This was not the turquoise  blue sea, this was the starry evening sky but honestly im not complaining!!!! While the lighter shades of turquoise are beautiful in jewelry, they’re not very flattering on Indian eyes especially on medium/darker skin tones. This matte, deep indigo eyeliner, however, is the perfect way to sport turquoise on the eyes.!

Turquoise Blue , like i mentioned is a deep navy/ indigo blue with really fine shimmer. This is not a high shimmer pencil, but there is a sheen to it that keeps it from being flat! The eyeliner is well pigmented, but you may need to put 2 strokes to get intense vivid color. This isnt really a problem for me (I mean, how long does two strokes take?)The texture of the pencil is smooth and easy to apply on the eyelids. But compared to the more shimmery shades in this range, I do find this shade just a tad less creamy.  Having said that, the tips of the shimmery shades have a tendency to break when sharpened or pressed too hard. So, I think it’s a fair trade off and frankly, I’d rather go over my liner once or twice than have to deal with the tip breaking off all the time.

The Faces eye pencils are known for their long wear time. Just make sure you don’t go rubbing your eyes or splashing water on your face before it sets. Once it does set, it will stay put the entire day. If you have very oily lids, you might find a bit of fading at the inner corners but then again, very few pencils wont cause that.

Rating : A-

Price : Rs. 250

Final Recommendation: Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil in Turquoise Blue is a unique, deep indigo, navy blue  shade that’ll flatter all skin tones. It stays on forever and is a must-have for its price. I definitely recommend this and all the other shades in this line.

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