Got2b Fat-tastic Thickening Non Aerosol Hairspray
Guest Review by Aashiima
I often straighten my hair for work , and while in the morning my hair looks great, invariably by the end of the day, I am cruising in flat-hair-city.My hair has no volume, no lift, no body basically no nothing.I am not a big fan of using mousse to get volume cause it feels greasy which is the reason why I tried this thickening hair spray from Got2b, which comes from the parent company of Schwarzkopf.
The Packaging
The hair spray comes in a bright canary yellow bottle with a green spray top. What is really like about the container is the  lock mechanism.I have travelled with this bottle and have not had any leaks or spills which is great.I have gone through about half of the bottle and so far have not had the nozzle jam  or clog on me.

The Product
The spray is non greasy and has quite a distinct floral baby powder smell-The smell doesn’t bother me but it does last in your hair for about half a day.The holding power of the hair spray is not the greatest-it provides a light to medium hold which for me is perfect cause it does not make my hair feel crunchy or hard the way strong hold hair spray can.What this product does phenomenally well is provide lift and volume at the roots.I use this on wet damp hair and spray the product in my roots and then blow dry -it gives me an instant lift and prevents the flat hair look which I get at the end of a work day.If you like the smell which I do, you should definitely try the product cause the lift and the boost that you get as a result of using this product are great.It makes your hair look natural yet bouncy.
About the Guest Blogger

Ashiima was born and raised in India and moved to the US about 4 years ago.She is a doctor and works in a management position in a Hospital in the US.When she isn’t busy with work she likes to catch up on all things Beauty,Fashion,Food and Greek Mythology.  Zar’s or Z to A reports simply stands for a comprehensive and a detailed look into the things she find fascinating and appealing.Stop by to say Hi at her Blog at

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