So Ahem. Guess What? ! Yours truly was featured in this months Cosmopolitan Magazine as the  new age Internet Beauty Specialist  !!!!!!!!!!(*Wears shades and acts cool*). While i dont quite understand the term, and im yet to wrap my head around the fact that my little baby P & B actually got featured in one of the nations leading magazines,  im just going to bask in the glory for a bit yah! Atleast now when family gets annoyed that i spend too much time online i can say *Talk to the hand- im an internet beauty specialist*. HA ! TAKE THAT !

A thank you is obviously due to a lot of people- to the readers firstly. I always say, you get the kind of readers you deserve. So i must be doing something right because i get some of the most fun, opinionated, and passionate readers !!! Thank you Thank you Thank you ! To my friends and family who so very cutely go and recommend my blog to everyone who cares to listen (A friend of mine actually got the male colleagues in her office to read my blog !!!!) . Also thanks to Meher Bajwa from Cosmo for featuring me!!!! Thanks a ton Meher!!! Im so excited!

If you want to know who else was featured- just take a look below!

Do you want to know what a typical day in the life of an Indian beauty Blogger/ Corporate Slave/ Bride to be looks like? I got inspired by Cynthia’s post but will only do one if you are interested!!!

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