When i was in college and in the dance team, a pivot only  meant a sharp swivel on the toes of my foot. Cut to work life a couple of years later and a pivot only means that cool excel sheet tool that helps me summarise data and appear all  smart in front of my bosses . Lately however, pivot to me means that funky, gorgeous chartreuse green eyeshadow from Illamasqua’s Human  Fundamentalism Collection (SO much better than excel sheets yah?!)

Illamasqua says Pivot is a yellow green, and they are spot on. I shall call it chartreuse because i want to use big fancy words and  make you guys google that, but really it is a bright yellow green! Im partial to greens and purples- i feel like they just look so great with brown eyes, and even Pivot- which is by no means a subtle color can be pulled of with our kind of skin tones (Medium- warm). I layered this with a darker green and blue eyeshadow to test it out, and though i didnt manage to click photos i shall do a look soon with this pivot! These are the kind of colors which say “Summer is here!!!” to me – and even though i rarely venture out of the neutral territory in public, Pivot wants me to take that challenge and wear green eyeshadow to work or something (Btw, i wore Illamasqua Nomad Nailpolish to work accidentally and it attracted a lot of unwanted attention. You see when you are giving a serious presentation about the company financials and you fling your  green nail painted hand wide to make a point, you just tend to lose credibility!!!!)

This is my first stint with Illamasqua eyeshadows and can i just say they are Illamazing !!!!Seriously, matte finishes can be hard to pull of but Illamasqua pivot is  well pigmented, not chalky and pretty smooth for a matte shadow!!!! I felt like i got best results when i kind of patted this and pressed this  into the skin rather than swiping it across so i recommend you do that too! This may not be a buttery and super soft eyeshadow but then matte eyeshadows rarely are, and given that its a matte finish it performs extremely  well on the texture front and delivers without being patchy- something other matte shadows struggle with!

Overall Verdict: A

Price: 15 pounds on Illamasqua.com (Thats roughly 1200 Rs)

Recommendation: Illamasqua Pivot Eyeshadow is a bright yellow green (chartreuse if you may) matte finish eyeshadow that is well pigmented, with a nice smooth texture for a matte shadow. Doesnt the color just scream summer’- like bright green eyes and pink lips by the poolside??

Disclaimer: Product sent by brand

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