Jovees Kajal Review

By Guest Writer CSP Ballal

What the Kajal Claims  “Jovees Kajal helps to keep eyes healthy, facilitates the growth of lashes(Editors Note: What the? Faciliatates lashes, now iv heard it all!!) and shall help to maintain and improve quality of vision. It contains Triphala, Almond oil, natural carbon and other herbal extracts”

My take on Jovees Kajal:

Jovees Kajal is a conical shaped product packed in a plastic tube. The tube is retractable one, similar to that of a standard lipstick package case. The product has all herbal ingredients which claim to be safe on eye water line.

The texture of the Kajal is very smooth, because the oil included in the Kajal has made it very soft and creamy.  There is no tugging when you glide the product on your eye water line and application is comfortable and easy.  The pointed conical shape of the product helps in application on the delicate waterline of the eyes as well so in terms of getting this on there is no problem!. However the color is not very deep even with 2 swipes. Though too much of smudging is not observed, the Kajal just vanishes off into air from my eyes in just an hour. I guess too much of a good thing is also bad and because this is too creamy  it just dissolves into nothing.  With Jovees, you really do need constant touch ups and dont even think of washing your face with this on- it will be easily washed off at once

Another major con to consider is that, after subsequent usage of the Kajal, there is no way the sharpness of the conical shape can be brought back. So the mountain flattens into a rather flat hill, and then you dont enjoy the precision of application that you get  with the regular kajal. On the whole,  this is not a product that is worth the hassle for me. Even though it is very affordable, i think i would skip Jovees in the future!

Rating: C

Price: Rs.90

Recommendation: The Jovees kajal is a rather afforable conical shaped kajal which is creamy and smooth because of the oil it contains . However, it  vanishes into thin air way too quickly (within an hour), is not very smudge resistant and you need atleast two swipes at the minimum to get even close to intense blackness. My advice would be to skip on this one and continue the quest for your perfect kajal

Editors Note: Whats your fav kajal girls? 

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