For those of you getting fed up of the Bridal overload, please bear with me!!! This is a post i have been wanting to do since ages, because a bridal lehenga can seriously be worn in SO many different ways, and i don’t see anyone trying these styles out!!! I still remember my cousins wedding  –  she wore a dupatta and a saree with her lehenga and it was one of the most unique draping styles i have seen till date (I think im going to shamelessly copy it in fact!) While i try to get you a picture of that, enjoy some of these styles!

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these pictures- All are from google images

I did an updated post on my new exclusive wedding blog about 25 ways to drape a dupatta . You can read that here: 25 ways to drape a dupatta


1. The normal, slightly boring style :Please ignore the somewhat umm ugly lehenga, my point is that this is the style brides usually wear, one duppata draped on the head from behind and then coming in front covering that tummy. Nice, but little boring in my opinion!

2. The “U ” style – here, the single dupatta is taken on the head and then bought in front. Instead of leaving it open like in the pic above its end is taken  to the other shoulder-so it makes a Ú’ in front. This is an interesting style, specially if you are uncomfortable with showing your tummy. It gives some sort of grace to the whole posture!

3. The tie at wrist style: The dupatta is kept flowin at the head and the ends are tied to the wrist!

4. The tie at waist style (Bipasha Basu) : Here the dupatta is taken on the head, and a smaller U is made in front tieing the dupatta on the other waist (from where it began)


(The possibilities here are endless, and these below only just scratch the surface)

1. Classic Double Dupatta Style :One dupatta on head free flowing, the other dupatta taken from around the waist and over the shoulder- either as a slim pleat in front (Shilpa Shetty) or draped like saree (model in middle) . The shilpa shetty style is actually one of my personal favourite styles of draping a bridal lehenga

2.Second dupatta going over the first dupatta at back: Here a net dupatta is taken over the head. The second dupatta is taken in regular lehenga style ,  from around the waist but over the net dupatta at the back . This gives a really nice silhouette at the back with the head dupatta being inside the contrasting dupatta

3. One Dupatta on head, the other dupatta open.; Here one dupatta is taken over the head and falling on one shoulder. The second one is just taken open by the bride- like you sometimes wear with a suit-across your chest an falling on your arms!

4. Three other, regal double dupatta styles :

Model on left: One dupatta on head and falling on one shoulder, second dupatta draped over other shoulder

Model in the middle: On dupatta head falling loose on both shoulders. Second contrasting dupatta taken in hands from the back

Model on right: One dupatta on head falling on one shoulder, and second dupatta tucked in at one corner, making a U shape in front and taken over the other shoulder

Which ones are your favourites?


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