“You can’t keep changing men, so you settle for changing your lipstick.” -Heather Locklear

Totally in agreement with Heather there, because if my lips were an entity of their own, they would probably get a very bad reputation- being caressed by a different lipstick every day, and yet still wanting more variety! However, there are always those favourites that i keep going back to and these are some of those. I also think that these in general are great shades for most indian skin tones. You need ATLEAST one of these in your stash!!!!

Favourite Effortless Everyday Lipsticks for Indian Skin: Lakme Lip Love Aphrodite Blush, Rose Kissed

Lets start off with our desi brands shall we. First up are two of my most worn lipsticks-Lakme Lip love Lipsticks in Rose Kissed and Aphrodite Blush ! One is a lovely  warm, rosey pinky, and the other is an absolutely stunning peachy brown. Both are fantastic colors for indian skin tones, and very ‘everyday pretty!’

Left: Lakme Lip love in Rose Kissed, Right: Lakme Lip Love in Aphrodite Blush


Wearing Lakme Lip Love Aphrodite Blush


Lets go on to desi brand number 2- Colorbar !!!!! My favourite shades from the Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Range are Bare- A Rosey Nude, and Over the top- an earthy , coral pink (this looks like a coral red if you are wearing something red in your outfit). While the former is a great everyday color, or a great  nude-ish color for indian girls  to pair with heavy eyes, the latter is one of my absolute favourite bright lipsticks. The thing about Colorbar Over the top is that it looks different each time i wear it. Iv had people come up to me and ask me “WHich red lipstick is that”  , and iv had people come up to me and ask me “Which coral lipstick is that”, and when i wear it , i think its a pink lipstick so you know- its one of those multiple personality disorders type of lipstick.

Favourite  Neutral/ Nude/Natural : Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Bare

Favourite Way to wear a bright : Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Over the Top




Moving up the lipstick ladder, to my favourite lipstick brand- MAC and there are quite a few favourites over here!

Mac Mehr Lipstick : Apart from the part that this lipstick sounds so much like my name, Mehr is one of those few , lighter pink lipsticks that look good on indian skin. Its almost pastel-ish on the lips, but somehow still very flattering!

 Favourite Delicate Pink Lipstick for Indian Skin: Mac Mehr 



Next up- Mac Mocha Lipstick. Its just that perfect peachy brown lipstick that i can never get tired of!!! You wear this under a coral lip gloss and you will get the prettiest, subtle coral pout. Wear this under a nude lip gloss and you get a lovely, warm beige wash of color, and wear this on its own for a pretty peachy lip!

Favourite Versatile Peachy Brown Lipstick for Indian Skin:Mac Mocha

Favourite  Nude Lipstick for Medium Skin: Mac Hug Me

Next on to one of my favourite nude lipsticks ever- Mac Hug me Lipstick. I inevitably turn to hug me, whenever i go heavy on the eyes. Its a pinkish nude, and i like to wear it sheered out for a very subtle. classy nude lip.


Mac Cosmo : One of my first MAC Lipsticks, and still very close to my heart. Cosmo is a medium rosey pink which is so creamy it melts like butter on your lips. Absolutely love love love!

Mac Crosswires: A clean, pinky coral. I love that i can sheer this out and wear it more like a pinky coral, or wear it full power more like a bright orange. Its my summer lipstick, and more often that not this is what i turn to with a nice, white dress.

Favourite Pinky  Coral Lipstick for Indian Skin: Mac Crosswires


Inglot Freedom lipstick #01 is the newest addition to my favourite list and i cannot get enough of this peachy coral orange!! Total love

Favourite True Bright  Coral Lipstick for Indian Skin: Inglot Freedom System Lipstick #01

Deborah Lipstick #19 is one of the most under-rated lipstick that deserves a lot more praise that it gets. Its a fresh, fresh pink thats not too bright, and not one of those brown-pinks either. This is the pink i wore in this outfit post here,  and if you are anyway near my skin tone (medium)- i urge you to go and get this one. It has grown to be my most favourite pink lipstick- clean, bright but extremely pretty and wearable. If you are looking for a subtle way to wear a pink thats a tad bit brighter than those muted brown-pinks then dont miss out on Deborah Atomic Red Lipstick #19

Favourite Pink Lipstick Ever: Deborah Lipstick #19

Detailed reviews on each of these can be found via that little bar on the top  right called google search. Use it !!!! Part 2 coming soon!

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