This March, L’OCCITANE takes you on a journey to the land of Lavender through its new Lavender Collection. Lavender is the soul of Haute-Provence. Rediscover the emblematic flower of Provence. At the heart of a range with relaxing benefits, L’OCCITANE places the purest expression of Lavender: The essential oil of Lavandula Angustifolia-also known as True Lavender. The design of this relaxing collection, with its clean and simple lines, is based on a new interpretation, by L’OCCITANE, of the estagnon bottle. This metal bottle was traditionally used to hold fragrant essences.

 Please find below the product information for the new collection:-


Foaming Bath Rs.1550 (500ml)

This rich formula generously foams in the bath and offers all the relaxing benefits of Haute-Provence lavender. Held in its brushed-aluminum bottle, it is emblematic to the entire collection.


Eau De Cologne Rs.3400 (300ml)

This vibrant cologne is a celebration of summer that captures the sunshine and brightness of Haute-Provence.


Body Lotion Rs.1795 (250ml)

This organic rich body lotion, quickly penetrates to nourish and soften the skin. Skin is soft, supple and pleasantly perfumed.


Purifying Hand Gel Rs.510 (50ml)

Formulated with A.O.P lavender essential oil from Haute-Provence, this hand sanitizer gel purifies, cleanses and refreshes hands without soap nor water.


Hand Cream Rs.495 & Rs.995 (30ml & 75ml)

This unctuous cream gently moisturizes, protects, nourishes, and smoothes the hands. They are delicately perfumed with lavender fresh aromatic scent.


Shower Gel Rs.1250 (250ml)

Soothing shower gel formula, enriched with A.O.P. lavender essential oil from Haute-Provence. Gently cleanses and leaves the skin fresh and delicately perfumed. Skin is clean, soft and pleasantly perfumed and the body is soothed.


Cleansing Hand Wash Rs.950 (300ml)

A foaming gel formula enriched with A.O.P. lavender essential oil from Haute-Provence, that  delicately cleanses the hands. Leaves the hands clean, fresh and delicately perfumed.

Moisturising Hand Lotion Rs.1450 (300ml)

Enriched in shea butter and grape seed oil,  this fluid lotion leaves the hands  feeling soft and delicately perfumed. A moisturizing texture, complementary to the cleansing hand wash.

Soap Rs.390 (75g)

Delicately perfumed daily soap, that gently cleans the hands and the body  without withering or irritating the skin. Leaves the skin delicately perfumed.

Scented Candle Rs. 1600(150g)

A perfumed candle with lavender aromatic scent, to create a nice and relaxing atmosphere in the room and a soft and soothing atmosphere in the home.


The products are available at : Loccitane Stores across India

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