Lotus Herbals Pure Color Lip Color in Peach Creme

Guest Review by Sristi

When I get a certain make up product that I really like or that I’ve really wanted to buy, I cannot help but do a 2 second jig as soon as i exit the shop. It attracts weird, ‘is this woman crazy’ kinda looks, but I just cannot help it! I love buying make up that much! :P So, this is my first post for PeachesandBlush, and what better way to start than to review a lipstick with the word ‘peach’ in it, right??! I love the color peach and I love lipsticks and to see this little beauty was like an ‘aaahh, that’s the color I want’ moment for me. When I swatched this lipstick from the Lotus Herbals Pure Colors range, I instantly knew I had to have it. Another jig moment for me!
Lotus Herbal says: – ‘Pure Colors’ is a range of 12 exciting moisturizing lip colors in pinks and browns. There are 6 shades of each type. They have natural extracts of Jojoba and Aloe Vera. The unique product qualities are: – Uniform dispersion of pigments – Rich payoff – Smooth application.
Lotus Herbals Pure Color Peach Crème is a warm peachy orange shade. The lipstick is decently pigmented, very easy to apply and gives an opaque finish with just about two swipes.  The finish has a sheen to it but  has absolutely no shimmer. It’s a lovely warm color and would do justice to every Indian skin tone. I, myself, have a wheatish skin  tone, and I love how it imparts this brightness to my face without being over the top! You know how there are certain lipsticks which give this instant warmth and glow to your face? This is THAT lipstick for me!!

As far as staying power is concerned, it stays on me for a good 3-4 hours. Even after a meal, it doesn’t completely fade away. It leaves a nice peachy stain on the lips. So overall, decent stay power!


  • Well pigmented, gives opaque finish with 2 swipes.
  • Many have a problem with the way lipsticks smell. This one here has a faint rosy smell which I don’t think anybody would mind.
  • VERY reasonably priced (especially for those college going young women like me).
  • Does not settle in the fine lines of lips.
  • Decently moisturizing.
  • Cute, sturdy, hassle free packaging.

CONS (it’s really hard to think of cons for this one):-

  • It’s not very moisturizing. For people who want really good moisturization from their lipsticks, this one might disappoint you a little bit.
  • Lasting Power is not great
  • No indication of color of the lipstick on the packaging. I have 3 lipsticks from this range, so I’d like it if they indicated the color of the lipstick on the packaging. These little things don’t really make too much of a difference, but it does make life a wee bit easier for people with lots of lipsticks.

Overall Verdict: A-

PRICE: – Rs. 245 for 4.2 gms.

RECOMMENDATION:– The Lotus Herbals Peach Creme Pure Color Lipstick is  a beautiful peachy orange color which will flatter every skin tone. It’s a steal for the price at which it retails and now these online beauty stores are selling them at discounted rates!! How cool is that?? It’s a must have for those who like the color peach and for those who don’t have a peach lipstick in their collection, you can most definitely buy this little beauty. It will not disappoint!

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