Mac Lust Lipglass Swatch, Review

So there are some words, which when translated into  Hindi just sound..well.. totally wrong. ‘Body’ is one of them try it . Think of a hindi translation and all you will come up with is a list of sleazy sounding words used in Bollywood movies (Jism-tan-badan..eww).  It’s good Mac doesn’t literally translate its lipglass names into hindi because Mac Lust Lipglass will just lose its charm (the translation starts with H to help you along);) , and this one girls is quite a charmer.

Mac Lust Lipglass is really not the color of what i would expect Lust to be. Think ‘ Lust’ and you think a deep garnet red, or maybe a wickedly passionate ruby pink  (or maybe you just think of your significant other  Ryan Gosling in limited clothing)  but Lust is really a pretty , warm rosy brown. Kind of like the color of  warm caramel toffee! Very pretty and polished on your lips and very versatile too! It works with a heavier eye just as easily as it does with a neutral one, and if you are a regular reader here then you know i always recommend these kind of shades for Indian Skin tones. Totally flattering this ! Must try this lust!!!

In general , MAC Lipglasses are pigmented,  thick and sticky. These are thankfully not as sticky as the Mac Pro Long Wear Lipglass which took stickiness to a whole new fevicol-esque level! But for a lot of people, even this stickiness is a pet peeve, and ideally i like my lip glosses to be non sticky too, but if anything i think here it really makes these last longer than most glosses do on me. On an average this lasts about 4-5 hours on me…for a lip gloss that’s a long time. Most lip  glosses last only about an hour  or two on me. These are also soft and moisturizing, and tend to just hug your lips  so they’r really comfortable to wear!

Overall Verdict: A

Price: 990/-

Recommendation : Mac Lust Lipglass is a rosy brown, kind of like the color of warm caramel toffee!! Extremely pretty and wearable for indian skin tones and very versatile ! If you are looking for a gloss that will go with just about everything, Lust will not disappoint!

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