Mac Pro Longwear Lip Creme Review

Guest Review by Dhara

What does it take for you to be ‘style driven’ ? Is it the new MAC Styledriven Collection which promises to be the ultimate in future-forward pro-longwear technology??  May be…lets test it out shall we? Presenting to you ‘ Mac Soft Sell‘ the Prolong Wear Lip creme from the  Styledriven collection.Housed in matte black cylindrical case instead of the regular bullets, with a flat slanted top , ‘Soft Sell ‘  claims to be a light yellow-pink ‘ . To me this is a  medium pink with plummy hints and super fine pink shimmer. Though the shade looks like a dark pink in the bullet, it doesn’t really stand out against my face, more like blends with the complexion. It is so much like a softer version of  MAC Cranberry eye shadow transformed into a lipstick !The colour is not really very unique but its a good catch for me as I hate using lipsticks that stand out against my face. For me dark lips mean wedding make up !! So this is a non nude, medium  plummy pink( acc to me ) for everyday wear. This is a color that is one of those perfect every day kind of pinks for indian skin tones!

‘Mac Pro longwear lip cremes ‘, as the name suggests is  ‘ cream’ in texture so it is obviously creamy to apply but sets to a matte finish. Though it  doesn’t give that irritating stretchy  or dry feeling of a matte finish. The pigmentation is good but not superb as I needed to do 2 swipes for a satisfying application which gives opaque coverage , however the formula accentuates fine lines which is a bummer. The whole idea behind this collection is long wearing products so its supposed to stay on for around 12 hours of which I didn’t even get close. At the end of 4 hours, my lips looked tinted and not colored.  However that’s not to say that it doesn’t wear long, because the Mac Soft Sell did stay put for an entire meal and it was only after that it started to fade. . I also did the ‘kiss test’ on my nephew and there was very light color that got transferred on his cheek !

The glitter in the lipstick is very fine and non gritty. It gives a slight frosty look to the lips but not the full on frost, no traveling for the glitter all around the lips and onto your eyebrows!

Rating : B+

Price: Rs. 1400/-

Recommendation:  Mac Pro longwear Lip Creme in Soft Sell is a medium  pink lipstick with plum undertones and subtle micro shimmer which is a great color for indian skin tones. This is supposed to be a  long wearing cream lipstick that sets to a matte finish. I found it to be creamy, decently long wearing (about 6 hours which is lesser than the 12 hour claim), non drying  and comfortable to wear. You need atleast two swipes of this to go opaque,  it does tend to settle into fine lines which is a slight pain point given its price. Otherwise however, its a gorgeous color with a lovely texture.

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