Eye makeup for me, should be like Maggi noodles -done in under 7 minutes, with limited tools and still end up being effective. I have just enough time to squeeze in a simple tutorial with Mac Bronze & Mac Expensive Pink Eyeshadows (made for each other pairing that) . This is a nice look to do if you are wearing any indian outfits soon- specially if it has any pink or gold in it !!


You will need

  • Mac Expensive Pink Eyeshadow (Or really, any pink/gold duochromish eyeshadow)
  • Mac Bronze Eyeshadow (Or any golden brown shimmery shadow)
  • Mac Folie Eyeshadow (Totally optional)
  • Brushes (Im using Vega Professional)
  • Black Liner (Im Using Mac Black Track)
Makeup Tutorial Step 1: Take out your flat little shader brush, dip it into Ms.Expensive Pink and put her right in the middle of your lid to give  her the attention she deserves!!
Step 2: Take out handsome Mr.Mac Bronze eyeshadow and do a little coloring on your outer corning. This should be done in a ‘>’ kind of shape
Step 3: Put Mr.Mac Bronze in the inner corner as well, so its kind of like Miss Expensive Pink is embraced in a hug, in the middle of Mr Mac Bronze’s Arms (How romantic- they are on a date on your eye!)
Step4: Sorry for the poor quality photograph, my camera battery was dying. Dip your brush into Mac Folie lightly, and use that to blend out Mr.Mac Bronze out from the outer corner. Blend this upward towards the brows.
Step 5: Take a black eyeliner and line your upper and lower eyes.
Step 6: Add lashes, open your eyes!
Step 7: Make a wierd angle with your eye so that the makeup photograph looks pretty!

And thats it, while Mr Bronze and Ms Expensive Pink continue their romantic date on your eyelid, go and wear something uber smashing to complement this “Made for each other” kind of pairing!

PS: I know my false lashes are totally seperate from my natural ones. Falsies tend to give me allergies- specially their glue, so i only apply them for blog photos, that too with minimum glue and touching…hence bear with me ..

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