Sleek Pomegranate Blush

Guest Review by Sophia

So what did I fall in love with this fall….mmm it’s the sleek blush in Pomegranate. Just what the doctor ordered for those perfect flushed wintry cheeks.

Sleek Claims : A highly pigmented blusher to brighten and define cheekbones. The silky-fine formulation provides long lasting blusher which helps to create a subtle but radiant cheek area.  Apply using a small powder/blusher brush, by swirling the brush over the surface of the blusher. Tap off excess powder and apply onto the apples of the cheeks to emphasise your cheeks and your smile, or just below the cheek bone to create a sculpted look.

 The colour-Don’t  be mislead by the name-the colour has no similarity whatsoever with the fruit the name is derived from. A lovely burgundy pink which certainly looks scary in the pan but could make your cheeks bloom with new life when applied with a light hand. This is one of the extremely versatile blushes I’ve come across, a colour anyone would quite naturally have second thoughts about. As is the case with all sleek blushes, the  pigmentation is insane so only a teeny amount would be enough for the colour to show up. I feel that pomegranate  would work  on all skin tones, it’s only a matter of building up the colour to suit your tone best- go deeper for a plummy look if you are darker, and go lighter for a pink flush!

Texture-There are  10 permanent shades and Sleek offers  a healthy mix of matte as well as shimmer finishes.Pomegranate has a very smooth satiny texture which imparts a subtle sheen on the cheeks.No it does’nt look all shimmery and cheap on your cheeks plus  it does not enhance the pores on your skin. You can even skip the highlighter if you are aiming for a natural glowy daytime  look.

 Application-Let me warn you this is a  colour that can easily make you look clowny if not applied and blended properly. Although sleek implies the use of a powder/blusher brush my advise would be to go for a dual fibre/stippling brush(light to medium tones) and blend out well.

 Wear-I easily get 8 hrs of wear on my oily combination skin after which it fades evenly.

Packaging & price Brownie points for the neat sleek black packaging ,so compact that it easily fits in your travel makeup kit. The case is sturdy and you wouldn’t believe that it holds 8 gm of product-enough to last a lifetime na.Trust me you won’t be making any noticeable dent even if you use it every single day for the next one year-this beauty is damn pigmented.

 Sensitivity: Never once in the past 3 months has my sensitive skin been irritated by the contents of the blush nor has it caused any breakouts. The blush has a faint smell nothing too obvious and most of you wouldn’t notice it unless held close to the nose (which i did for writing this review)

The good about sleek pomegranate-

  • Great pigmentation and staying power
  •  Affordable
  • Unique colour that imparts a glow to the apples of your cheeks
  • Blending is effortless
  • Could multitask as an eyeshadow as well
  • No fuss packaging which is sleek and sturdy
  • There is a small mirror for touch-ups

The bad-

  • Honestly I love everything about the blush and the brand as well; my only gripe would be the availability. Also the blush does not come with a brush but that can easily be overlooked.

Gals if you haven’t been to the Sleek website of late do check out the Blush By 3 blush trios. Sorry dears they are not available online but for those in the UK these can be found at Superdrug till April. Looks like they are limited edition and retailing for GBP 9.99 but I already found a seller on ebay offering these for a freaking GBP 16.00!!!

Overall Rating: A

Price : USD 6.50(Approx Rs 350) for 8 gms

Where to buy: delivers in India and currently they have 50% off shipping!

Recommendation: If you are looking for a perfect blush for the cold season give Sleek Pomegranate a try – a unique  burgundy pink, almost plummy , its gonna keep you hooked without burning a hole in your pocket. For reference i am NC 35, but this particular blush is one that i feel will work on all skintones- all that matters is the intensity of color that you want to build up.

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