Iv realised i shouldnt share items i lust after with the boyfriend. I showed him a polki (uncut diamond) and emerald set in jadau style today and his reaction was “Chee looks like a crocodile”. Hmm. Sometimes i really wonder how men function with such limited sensibilities. Anyhow, here are some other things im lusting after currently


  • Peach Suneet Varma Lehenga: Okay, iv already bought my gown for my engagement but looking at the lovely colors in this one wants to make me chuck that and wear this. Im sure this is way beyond ze humble budget though, so all i can do is lust. But do you have that syndrome? You know when you buy something and then seem to like everything else? With my lehenga i dont have that syndrome at all- i abso love it 100% but with my gown i sway between hyper ventilating over its gorgeousness to thinking -should i wear something more indian with prettier colors?
  • Zoya Fleck Effects Nail Polish: Like seriously, if glitters werent enough to drive us mad you have holographic flecks inside nail polishes? Zoya, you really are a genius !! Any idea if the fleck effects is available in India?


  • Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Phoenix : I want this deep strawberry pink Rouge Allure Laque. But everytime i think i shall order it, there is this little voice inside my head telling me its worth like two pieces of clothing atleast!
  • Lanvin Charm Bracelet:A quaint little bracelet with charms of Paris. Whats not to love?
  • Chocolate Chip Cheesecake : I didnt even know such a thing existed, till i saw someone on pinterest pin this on. Chocolate chip in cheesecake form!! Yummm!!!!

*Zoya fleck effects photo is from www.temptalia.com

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