Lakme Metallic 241 Nail Polish and Lakme Berry Wine Nail Polish

Guest Review by Jayashri

The nail polish finish that Indian cosmetics companies went overboard feeding us with were Frosts. Thank God, now they are bringing us crèmes, a little bit of glitter and metals as well, though i think its time to move on to flakies!!! (btw, have you checked the Zoya fleck collection released abroad? Nail polish addicts, you need to!)  But there is one frost, which I totally adore – the  Lakme Metallics 241 Nail Polish.

Lakme Metallics 241 was released as a part of the Night Fever collection in 2010. The colour is a taupe brown with a touch of red in it. which looks wonderful on warm Indian skin tones. The polish looks adventurous and sophisticated at the same time. Be it parties or weddings or daily office, it is an one for all solution.

The consistency of the polish is perfect, neither thick nor thin with smooth application. The best part about this polish is that it is a one coater and dries very quickly. By the time you reach your pinky finger your thumb is done. (I generally start polishing from the thumb to the pinky. What do you guys do? Do any of you paint your fingers in a random order? Now thinking about it, I want to try. You must be wondering about the craziness of nail polish addicts :D) Alas, nothing is perfect in this world. The nail polish being a frost, brush strokes are visible after drying. But for the goodness of this colour, I can forgive the polish for this.

There was slight tip wear at the end of the 2nd day, no chips in sight till the 5th day! That’s the advantage of a single coat polish. So, ladies, be sure to put this in your shopping list, especially if you are looking for a colour you can wear any day, anytime.

Overall Verdict: A

Price: Rs 90/-

Recommendation: A brown frost that looks beautiful on Indian skin tones and can be worn anywhere, anytime, irrespective of the occasion


With the wedding season having just ended, maroon-red nails rock this season, be it among brides or the guests. Red has this universal appeal among the young and the old. Remember painting your nails red, as a kid? Ah, how we needed to convince our moms to let us wear nail polish…

Lakme Berry Wine is a shimmer finish polish. The colour is a red leaning towards maroon, with golden shimmer in it- so its perfect for brides to be. The golden shimmer is hidden in natural light, but just glows in sunlight and flashlight. Rest assured, your nails are going to shine beautifully in those wedding photos! The polish is slightly thick (the polish was bought 1.5 years back). No issues in application though! 2 coats are needed to make it opaque. The drying time is a little longer compared to Maybelline Colorama polishes. This could probably be because of the polish being old. End result – the nails and the polish bottle are matching-matching. The nails are glossy and there are no brush strokes visible.

The colour appears lighter in sunlight and darker in natural light. Somehow, the gold shimmer refuses to appear in natural lightL. Also, the photos in natural light make the polish look not so smooth, while in reality it is quite smooth.


Overall Verdict: A

Price: Rs 90/-

Recommendation:  A good maroon-red for the wedding season and a nice choice for the brides out there. A long wear nail polish too!

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