There is this wierd syndrome affecting young girls in Delhi. I call it the 90 degree angle syndrome- everywhere you go, you see girls with their designer bags (Most often-a Louis Vuitton speedy ) perched on their wrist and their elbow making a perfect 90 degree angle to their arm. Seriously, how do they do it? That ninety degree angle  just stays frozen like that the whole time,  when they go to the loo, when they eat food, when they greet new people, when they shop for stuff, when they air kiss and say “Its been aaaagggesss ” – that angle, stays like that-perfectly arched ninety degrees !!!  It just baffles me how all the girls seem to have this ninety degree funda down to perfection (is there some tutorial and class for this  that i am not aware of?)  and honestly end up looking like clones of each other   (one of the reasons i dont buy a Louis Vuitton Speedy- i think its kind of boring). Anyway, what does a louis vuitton speedy have anything to do with my eye makeup look today, nothing at all, except maybe the colors are similar?  No? Well then just bear with me for putting two totally unconnected things in one post- i just returned from the mall, where you shall find the syndrome in abundance, hence it was stuck in my head.

You will need:

  • Any bronzey gold shadow like Mac Bronze Eyeshadow
  • Any matte black eyeshadow like Illamasqua Obsidion
  • Any light, bright gold eyeshadow  like Mac Woodwinked
  • A matte brown eyeshadow to blend like Mac Folie
  • A flat shader brush, a blending brush, a liner and mascara : Im using Vega Professional Brushes

Step 1: Apply primer to your eye area. Im using Nyx Eyeshadow Base. 

2. Taking a golden bronze eyeshadow with a flat shade brush. I am using Mac Bronze Eyeshadow

Step 3. Apply it all over your lid, leaving the inner third of your eye blank.

  • If you are confused about what shape to apply shadow in, then use your eyebrow as a ready reference. The point where the eyebrow dips down, spproximately that should be where your eyeshadow shape should dip down as well.
  •  Also, when applying a shimmery color like this , always open your eye and see till where the color is going. The shimmery color should not show much beyond your upper lash line (when the eye is open)
Step 4. Take a lighter, brighter gold and apply it in your inner one third. Im using Mac Woodwinked eyeshadow
Extend the bright color into the edge of your nose almost to give brightness
Step4: With the same flat shader brish, apply a line of black eyeshadow on your crease.  (I am using Illamasqua Obsidion (Review To come)) This should go just where you can feel your bone below your eyebroes- there will be a little dip under that. Put it there. This should go roughly half way down your eye

Step 5: Put some more black eyeshadow near your lash line and connect it to the upper line almost making a ‘> ” shape with the black shadow

Step 6: Take a blending brush, and your favourite brown  eyeshadow. My favourite crease shadow is Mac Folie. This is what i use for blending out ANYTHING.

  • When blending out black eyeshadow, always use a brown eyeshadow!! When black blends out on the skin, it turns into a murky grey which is very unflattering on our skintone. So while blending black shadow, load your brush with the brown shadow and then go over the black shadow.


*Theres a camera shadow coming over my eye, apologies for that its making everything look dark.

Step 7: Blend your eyeshadow.

  • I use windshield wiper motion- go back and forth .
  • If you are confused about which shape to blend out the outer corner in, a good practice is to imagine that your lower lash line is extending outwards towards your eyebrow, dont go beyond that imaginary line.
  • I start with the lighter color eyeshadow and blend it into the darker one and then go back into lighter. This way, i feel like it prevents my shadow from looking muddy.
  •  If i blend the dark into the light, it can end up making the gold look muddy very quickly – like in the pic above- some of the gold in the crease has started looking muddy, ideally it should look fresher than this.
  • Also its helpful to open your eye an see where your crease shadow, or the shadow you are blending with is going. This shadow should create a soft haze just above the area of your upper lash line (when  your eyes are open-)

Step8:  Go back to your black eyeshadow and put some in the outer corner to retain the intensity


Step 9: Add a black liner, and some false lashes (Yes i changed my eye, i did this tutorial over two days, and i started with a different eye without realising !!! When you work a corporate life, its very difficult to find times to squeeze an entire tutorial in one day)

Step 10: Add a black liner to your lower lash line as well.

Step 11: Pose. Click Pictures.


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