Phew! What a hectic weekend !! From shopping for my “youngsters party ” outfit (strapless white bodycon from forever new with big chunky accessories)  to waiting outside a nightclub for an hour just to get entry , to watching Vickey Donor and finalising engagement outfits for the  boy!! (Btw- how funny is Vicky Donor..i am obsessed with that Action Anu Malik keeps doing with his hand everytime he mentions “sperm”…”Greedy Sperm”..HILARIOUSSSSSS!!).. In other news, for the lack of other things to post about, here is a tutorial i clicked a long time ago but didnt put it up because well, ..i didnt really love it!!! But maybe some of you will…here goes.

Stuff you need..

  • A peachy eyeshadow like Mac Expensive Pink
  • A Plum/Purple Eyeshadow like Mac Plum Dressing or Colorbar Exp Pink
  • A brownish purple of flat brown for the crease- im using one from my Sleek Pallette
  • A bright gold shadow- Chambor has some really nice ones…im using Mac Woodwinked.

Step 1: Apply the peachy shadow on to a flat shader brush on one side and apply all over your lid, leaving the inner and outer corners blank. 

Step 2: On the other side of the shader brush, load some purple eyeshadow and apply on the outer corner…follow the natural shape of your eyebrow…where the brow turns down, you can use that as a guideline to slope your shadow

Step 3: To blend, turn the shader brush back to the peachy side and go over the area where the purple meets the peach lightly.

Step 4: Take a matte brown (im taking a purple brown) and apply it into your crease on the outside. Extend this till the edge of your eyeball or even halfway down it (wierd way to remember, but thats kind of till where i like to take it). For heavier eyes, i do the crease right till the inner edge of the eyeball, but for lighter ones, i stick to the outer edge. Join the outer corner of your crease down to the edge of your eye so it makes a sort of boomerangish shape.

Step 5: With a new brush (not wish the same crease brush), blend this upwards . Use windshield wiper motions. If required, put some in the inner part of the crease too.

Step 6: Add a bright gold eyeshadow in the inner one third of the eye that was kept blank. Also add eyeliner. Liner should generally be thickest at the outer corner.

Step 7: Curl and apply mascara



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