Beyu Radiant Bronze Nail Polish

Guest Review written by Jayashree

I love layering  of any kind, and while i can layer with my clothes in the winters, i try and do a different type of layering in summers! So while others are taking off their layers, i putting them on – im talking about nail polish layering using Beyu Radiant Bronze (395) which is the perfect glitter nail polish for layering!. Beyu is a very popular German brand available in select stores in India. The nail polish bottles are small and cute and look like Zoya minis. They even have a black crackle in the Indian market!

Beyu Radiant Bronze is a copper glitter suspended in a sheer silvery base. The copper glitter has a peachy tint to it. Due to the silver base, it slightly alters the colour of the base nail polish it is layered on. It is meant for layering and so, needs 4 coats for complete opacity. Even at 4 coats, the copper glitter does not completely cover the nails and we can see the silver base underneath it. This adds dimension to it. It shines like diamonds in sunlight!

The polish is perfect in consistency. Application is easy with no issues. Drying time is decent. If you are trying to wear it on its own, then let it dry between the coats. It leads to a little bit of dragging if one coat has not dried and I am applying another on it. The finish is glossy but not completely smooth.  It looks beautiful both layered and on its own.

Beyu Radiant Bronze: Left to Right 1 to 4 Coats

In the photos, I have painted between 1 to 4 coats from index to pinky respectively to show you the opacity of the polish. I have also added a photo where I went full on bling by doing four coats of this followed by one coat of Maybelline Flash Cosmic(blue glitter) and Revlon Slippers (red and silver glitter).

Beyu Radiant Bronze with Maybelline Flash Cosmic and Revlon Slippers

Are you getting ready for a party and don’t have time to do your nails all over? Add a bit (actually not a bit, a bit too much :D) of jazz by painting a coat of Radiant Bronze on them.



Ease of application: Perfect

Opacity: 4 coats

Availability: Select cosmetics stores &

Overall Verdict: A

Price: Rs.250 for 8 ml (it is on offer at Rs. 211 now on

Recommendation: Beyu Radiant Bronze is a copper glitter in a silvery base which adds the right amount of bling to nails. For all glitter loving people out there, just go get this one! For others who are lazy to change nail polishes, this is meant for you.

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