Boots Extract Almond Body Butter

Guest Review written by Lapanika

Do you remember the “Utterly,Butterly, Delicious ,Amul !” girl advertisement ,and the cute chubby girl’s fountain shaped pony and polka dotted dress, ??? After which, my mom would immediately go on a crusade of sneaking in butter in my every single meal (sandwiches, rotis etc.) with the effort of replicating the same specimen at home. At times, I thought, she would have put butter in my glass of milk too.

Although, “butterly” has caught my fancy now, so much, that it rests on my tummy. But, you are sure to like the Boots Extracts Almond Body Butter, because that ain’t gonna make you fat!!

What it claims : Intensively moisturizes and hydrates leaving skin soft and smooth

My experience : It is creamy , and you needn’t scoop out a large amount while applying it. I usually, apply a very thin film, over my hands and legs and my skin sops up this body butter like sponge. The fragrance is mild and not heavy or almondy as compared to other body butters or heavy creams. I like body butters to do their job, basically moisturize and soften my skin, and I have perfumes , that can help me with the fragrance . Overall, I am excited to snag this one .

Comparison with The Body Shop Body Butters : The Body Shop butters absorb into your skin , more quickly especially the ones which are fruity like Strawberry& Mango ones . However, I have used the Coconut and the Shea butter one, and they are a bit on the heavier side, at times greasy, to absorb, as compared to the Boots Almond body butter. I guess the heavier body butters are meant for very dry skin.

The consistency of other Boots Body butter is similar to the one I have , not very thick like the Body shop coconut and Shea butter ones .The fragrance for both the range of Body butters is the same , not heavily laced with essence. However, the most important difference, here is the price for both the products

The Body Shop Body Butter: 200 ml (6.9 oz) Rs 745/-

Boots Extracts Body Butter:  200 ml  (6.7 oz) $9.99 approx Rs 530/-

Pros :

a)      Fragrance, is super light and not very overpowering.

b)      Love the texture. Not too thick or too thin, and not too sticky.

c)       Like the packaging.

d)      Not tested on animals

e)      Love the price. Very budget friendly

Cons :

a)      Unsure of the availability in India

b)      Oily / Acme skin friends, wouldn’t fancy it.

Overall verdict :  A

Price:  200 ml  (6.7 oz) $9.99 approx Rs 530/-

Recommendation : I am loving this product a lot and will try out the other ones in the same range. Highly recommend this one !!!

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