Bourjois Paris Bio Detox Foundation
Guest Review Written by Shivani

Don’t we all love everything which mentions Nature, Oxygen, Chlorophyll and what not ? At least I do! And this love of mine made me buy the new  Bourjois Bio Detox foundation (Or that’s the excuse i used anyway –  its ” Supporting Nature” you see) I had gone with a friend of mine who had to buy some stuff for her brother’s marriage and while we were checking out the cosmetics, I asked the SA to show me the famous Healthy Mix Foundation. I loved it and was about to make up my mind to buy it, the SA showed me this  BiO Detox foundation and explained me a lot of Jibber Jabber about this foundation. This will detoxify my skin and brings in oxygen and would filter Pollution. This made me feel like I finally got my dream foundation, the SA swatched it and Eureka, it was perfect!
The shade I got is N 57 Hale Bronze which is a perfect match.   Well, like most of the college love affairs which  have their ups and downs, my love for this foundation has see-sawed as well . The first time i applied this on my face it gave me a funny feeling. Almost stretchy and dry like an inverted chart paper that we used for our school charts ! I have quite a supple skin and foundations stick to it like glue so I never had such an issue with any Foundation before but something in Bourjois Bio Detox makes it dry and coarse somehow. This of course only lasts for about half an hour before it settles onto the skin , post which it does a fab job.

I have worn this to office and  everyone  just wondered how my skin is looking all glowy . In fact they said they couldn’t see a trace of foundation on my face! It stayed good all day and after 3-4 hours, I did notice some shine but not something which needed to be powdered. It only added to the natural look, but still providing medium coverage  that’s more than enough to cover up imperfections. And I love my foundations like that, I don’t like super-matte and made looks. Thus, in this department, this foundation really does come out trumps
Pros of Bourjois Bio Detox Foundation:

  1. Lot of shades, everyone will get a close match.
  2. Gives natural finish
  3. Stays all day long
  4. Easily available
  5. Nice pump packaging
  6. Controlled product dispenser reducing wastage of product.
  7. All natural ingredients

Cons of Bourjois Bio Detox Foundation:

  1. It gives me a chart paper  , dry stretchy feel for half an hour.
  2. Pretty pricey!

Right: With Bourjois Bio Detox, Left: Without

Final Verdict:  B+

Price: Rs 980/-
Will I repurchase it? No I don’t think so, would try healthy Mix next.

Recommendation: The Bourjois Bio Detox Foundation is a nice medium coverage foundation, that lasts long and gives a lovely natural glowing look. However, this definitely does cause my face to look extremely dry and stretchy for the first half an hour of application post which it settles down. Probably not the best foundation for dry skinned beauties, but a nice one for the oily ones!

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