You might think its weird that i am talking about a proposal around 4 months after I already knew I was getting married. Maybe so, but in my opinion, whether you already know it or you don’t, whether it’s an arranged or a love marriage,  whether its obvious that the answer will be yes, every girl deserves a ‘bent on one knee’ proposal. Period. We need that memory. So for me, that memory came this week, 2 months before ‘D-Day’ when my uber- romantic boy asked me to marry him. What did the proposal involve. Well- it involved this : 

 Yup! A hot air balloon ride!!!!! When a car came to pick me up titled ‘Skywaltz” – i swear i thought this boy is  going to make me jump out of a freaking plane, im going to so kill him!!!! .*He’s an adrenaline junkie*. But thankfully, that wasnt the case, and as we floated 600 feet in the air in that hot air balloon, he went down on one knee and  asked me to be his wife. What was my reaction? I don’t think i even said yes honestly. I just stood there with a goofy grin on my face, feeling dazed, giddy, and honestly slightly in shock.  My brain was like this – “Balloon. Air. Sky. Chinese People. Ring.  Boy on knee. HUH?? Whaaaa. <3 ” . Ofcourse when i look back, i smack myself in the head for not having a poised reaction, but right now all i can say is….

BEST . PROPOSAL. EVER. <3 <3 <3 

(Knock on wood. Thank you god. Putting Black mark to ward off evil eyes)

Before anyone jumps at me for being ‘racist’ for labeling the pic, they were really really sweet and adorable people. I just tagged them because i mentioned them in the lines above so to avoid confusion plus i didnt know their names. Its just  for comic factor cos it was this wierd out of body experience for me, in the air, seeing strange faces..hence. Please, dont jump at me and be all like -You Racist B***.

Song Selections

Okay, now on to wedding preperations. You know sometimes it sucks being a bride.  You are stuck with REALLY boring song selections. I mean while my sisters and friends dance on Shiela, and Tu mera hero im stuck with really sappy, sob story type songs. Thats the problem with Bollywood- women either sing  item numbers or sappy numbers (like mujhe saajan ke ghar jaana hai..ewww..Not happening)  What about normal love songs for normal people!!!!!! Hmph. Suggestions for songs are more than welcome  haan? I need some fun, love songs  but not Chikni Chameli types you know (I dont want my in laws to reconsider).

Anywayyy, what is decided is the couple song, and the friends songs and the cousins songs but since people from the *boys side* also read my blog (you know who you are), i am not going to reveal it since its supposed to be a secret. But please do suggest. We need fun, hindi, peppy, fast songs…punjabi would be great ,we love punjabi music. *Shera di kaum punjabi..te -te-te-te-te-tainnnn*

Sherwani Shopping, and Engagement Outfit Shopping for Boy. Whopppieee!!!!

You think you know your groom to be well enough to trust him with outfit decisions and then he does something to shock you like this:

Boy: “Baby, i was thinking im going to wear all white on the engagement. Like white coat and white pants. Maybe white shoes”

Me:  HAHAHAH. Funny!!!”

Boy:  “What . I am serious, i think its different”

Me thinking to myself: Is this really happening?

Me:  “Err…its different, but its…jeetender different . PLEASE dont buy anything wihout me!!!”

Hence starts the hunt for shervanis and suits. Notice the difference between men and women- i was talking about my lehenga like 6 months before i got married, and he has just STARTED to think about these things 2 months before !!! So far, we have loved a suit at Ashish Soni (Bandhgala, but with a stylized collar) , and a couple of Shervanis here and there. These days what i am absolutely LOVING for guys are those Jodhpur style pants with a bandhgala coat (OMG- we saw one at this place called Narains– which was a beige and white look. It looked SO SO fab !)

If by accident you are a boy and you have chanced upon this post while trying to find places to buy sherwanis and suits in Delhi here is a small list of non high end designer places…

  • Karan Nasir : Small time designer in Grand Mall, Gurgaon but good stuff
  • Narains : Always love their stuff, This too is in grand Mall.
  • Study by Janak : A good mix of traditional and modern
  • Frontier : One stop shop for everything

Other Stuff

Apart from that what else. Ooh. Wedding Cards are decided!!!!!!! Its white and gold with colored inserts! Very simple, and elegant like the way i like them (I hate those over embellished cards- which look like the cards themselves are getting married!!!) Best Places for Wedding Cards in Delhi : Chawri Bazaar (Chandni Chowk). MUST GO THERE. Anything you find in the market that is 200 bucks, you will find it in Chawri for 40 bucks. Seriously dude, Chawri is the shit! Its right across from kinari Bazaar as well , which we all know is like heaven!!

Any other stuff- Ooh makeup artist finalised. Im going with this womn called Doris (relatively unheard of), but she sent me some good pics and she gave me some REALLY good ideas that i liked. Plus i strictly told her, less makeup is okay but over makeup is NO NO NO !!!!!I think what swung it for me is that she is the first person who asked me to send her pics of my outfits so that she has a better idea so i felt she was taking an interest, and honestly I didnt have any other options left. Makeup artists were falling like a pack of cards!!

Makeup Shopping: I did a TON of it today (okay not a ton, but i havent bought makeup in really long so it seems like a lot ). I bought a Kryolan Foundation, a kryolan concealer, Benefit Mr.BRight Kit for highlighting (it has a mini benefit high beam, a mini Benefit Girl meets Pearl highlighter, a mini Benefit erase paste concealer, and a mini benefit posie tint) Isnt that like the perfect highlighting kit ever????? Honestly all i need now is a nice earthy pink blush , and maybe an inglot eyeshadow palette. Otherwise im sorted.

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