There are some people who just always deserve a sharp smack on their head. One of them is those outside India who look at me with wide eyes and say “Ooh do you travel to work on Elephants???” or “Ooooh you guys have computers in India? “. I just like to smile back and say..”Oh yes , each of us has a private elephant and we even have elephant parking lots you know??? Its quite fun, we race elephants on the road alll the timee!!!!! I have a ferarri elephant so he is the fastest!!! ” So whenever an International brand launches an “India” inspired collection- i always think “Oh here we go again- more elephant motifs and taj mahals”. But Clarins really did surpass my expectations, and even though it does not say this collection is specifically “India Inspired”, it does say its “Inspired by travels” and given that the lipglosses are named “Delhi “and ” Jaipur”, we can safely assume that the Clarins Makeup Man took a little trip to our own land!!!

  • Star of the Show : Enchanted Summer Eye Quartet and Eyeliner Pallette

The Clarins Enchanted Summer Palette features four luminous eye shadows in a powder motif inspired by exotic travels, plus a pearlized-brown eyeliner for a truly intense look.



  • New Shades in Color Quench Lip Balm : Jaipur and Delhi

  • Black and Violet Kohl Kajals (Yes they actually call it Kohl kajal. Isnt Kohl=Kajal?)

  • Bronzing Powder (Light-Medium -Dark)
  • Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm

Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm offers the magical combination of crystalline transparent color and the comfort and repairing action of a balm. It glides on beautifully in four limited edition shades.

  • Crystal Coral Sheer coral
  • Crystal Pink Sheer pink
  • Crystal Red Sheer red
  • Crystal Violet Sheer violet

How pretty is that palette? Already made it to my Lust List!


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