Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Addictive Magenta

When i was a chubby little curious kid, i loved to find things that could be used for other than their main purpose. For example, i remember stringing together uncooked macaroni thinking it made the most stylish bracelet in the world  (Listen okay, we didnt have Hannah Montana then telling us what was stylish or not) .I made holes in my sweater near my wrist, so i could take my thumb out and it could double up as a glove (Oh my mom used to go MAD when she saw those holes!!!). Once, i even used a pizza cutter as a hairbrush (OUCH- i was 2, i didnt know what the hell it was, it looked like a brush to my 2 year old brain-im just happy i didnt do much damage with it). Till today though, when i find ways to use products in other than their main ways, i get a little Ýippeee” feeling inside just like i got when i realised that Colorbar Addictive Magenta lipstick is actually , my FAVOURITE pink blush ever. LIKE EVER !!!!

Colorbar Addictive Magenta is like this bright fuschia pink (What my grannie calls -Rani Pink which always gives me this imageof wearing rani pink lipstick with  a patiala salwar doing gidda in punjab ke khet!!), with a bit of a purple undertone to it. Its not the kind of color you can just throw on for office (unless you work at Vogue, where people appreciate such things), but more like the kind of color you keep in your stash when you want to make a statement. Honestly, i somehow dont love the color on me.There are very few bright pinks that look good on me, and this one has this purpley undertone somehow that i feel somehow looks a bit too loud and might be suited for cooler skintones. Hence when i got this  , i was a bit let down- till one day in a hurry i wanted pink flushed cheeks and i just swiped it across the apples of it and smudged it in a hurry. The result- the PRETTIEST pink flush ever. Im talking- “Im a dainty little girl who blushes at every bad word” kind of flush, like that soft candelit- “walking down a rose garden with your boyfriend”kind of flush. I love it!!! I cannot think of a blush that is this pretty on me honestly !!!!! I think what makes this so perfect is also the fact that this is creamier than other Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipsticks i have tried, so it glides easily.

Colorbar lipsticks in General
Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipsticks are some of the best budget matte lipsticks around. They are pigmented, decently creamy for a matt lipstick and have a very very long staying power.  They might not have the glide and slip of high end lipsticks, but they have a good texture that doesnt give problem on application.They easily last about 8 hours on me even with eating, and they leave a nice tint on your lips even as they fade. Given that these are matte lipsticks, they perform really well on the moisture front too. While i wouldn’t call these moisturizing, they are definitely not drying either- which is something that matte lipsticks generally have a problem with. I don’t particularly love the slightly cheap looking packaging, but given how affordable these are they are definitely bang for your buck material!  

Wearing Addictive Magenta on my cheeks as a blush and Mac Mehr on my lips

Wearing addictive magenta on my cheeks as a blush and Mac Mehr on my lips

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Recommendation: A-

Product : 4/5, Pigmentation : 4/5, Texture: 3.5/5, Lasting Power:4.5/5 , Packaging &Value: 3/5

Price: Rs 225/-

Recommendation: Colorbar Addictive Magenta is a fuschia pink with a subtle purple undertone. I dont love the color on me as a lipstick but as a blush this is freaking awesome stuff !!!! It gives the prettiest, pink flush ever… I can repurchase it ten times just for that alone!

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