Cute Vanity Organiser Do it Yourself

Guest Post Written by Swastika

Organization..I organize, i love to collate and segregate and color code and separate and…well  i can go on but that’s another story.. In short, i am an organization freak!

When I leave for work in the morning sometimes I have to skip a particular product only because I cant find it in my vanity/drawer. Say the day I want to wear my green eye pencil it will hide at the furthest corner of my drawer..grrr it is super annoying to have to sift through a ton of makeup early morning, so i decided i needed some organisation in my life. Since regular organisation is kind of boring, i thought i would dress up my organisation with some cute stickers too!!!
I usually stick to my concealer , compact, eyeliner & lippies for work. So to make my life easy I made a super easy super affordable vanity/makeuporganizer which now holds all my daily makeup and more!  (Editors Note: This is what i also do- i have on big makeup section, but for everyday items there is a small box that i just put daily use items in )

Things needed:
– A pen stand – i used an old one I had at my work desk . (Editors Note: Another really cool thing to use is the cardboard boxes that glasses come in, yknow like when you buy a set of 6 glasses they come in these boxes which have 6  seperators in built? Thats what i use)
– Some stickers (to add some girlishness) 

2 things only and voila a cute lil makeup stand …phew I love how clean and organized my vanity looks now…you can skip the stickers if you want but I wanted it to be colorful :) .

(Editors Note:  If you want to see how i organise my lipsticks, then check out this post here: Lipstick Storage IDEA)

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