Karishma Writes “Hi Mehak, Can you do a post on  hairstyles for mehendi/sangeet/reception etc ?”

Hi Karishma! Any type of bridal post is my favourite type of post to do so here goes. Essentially i think hairstyles really depend on your own face type, as well as what you are wearing but as a general rule i feel like sangeet/ engagement hairstyles should be:

  • Fun and girly since the wedding is all indian and done up tightly .
  • Soft and flowy. Even if you are wearing a bun on the sangeet/engagement, keep it soft and framing your face
  • If you are planning to leave your hair open, make sure there is not too much hair covering your face, always pull back atleast one strand out of the face and pin it- you need your face to show in photos!  Plus im assuming you will be dancing, you dont want to keep pulling back hair from your face.
  • Remember that most makeup artists have hair extensions with them, so dont feel shy in asking them if that hairstyle is possible on your hair. ANYTHING is possible! Here are some that i love !
  • Makeup artists also have hair accessories– like jewelled clips, combs, ties etc. You can always incoirporate those into your hairstyle-but dont over do it. It starts looking like a nest otherwise

Here are some of my cousins wedding hairstyles

Okay now…on to hairstyle ideas..

  • The Half Up Half Down Style: Looks good on most faces, and your cna  adjust it to suit your face by changing howmuch of the hair is up/down. My cousin reception hairstyle was half up/ half down



  • Hair Open Style

Thats Natasha Poonawala from genelia’s Sangeet.  I really liked how she did her hair with a hairband thats encrusted to the side. Or is that a jhumar?

  • The updo


Whats my hairstyle of choice at my engagement? Im going to do either the soft curls on either side with puff in the centre one( Hair Open Style #1) , or the half up half down one. I do love the soft loose bun, but i dont trust indian hairstylists to give you that soft loose look, and besides i feel like i should look different on both days-and since wedding is hair up i think ill wear my hair down for the engagement.

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