*A customer photo 20 days after the treatment- Photo taken from melanage system

Editors Note:  Sunandha wanted to share her experience with you of a treatment she underwent called “Skin lightening Treatment”. Now as a rule, i do NOT post skin lightening or fairness or whitening products reviews on Peaches & Blush. However after reading this i realised that this is NOT  a treatment for whiter or fairer skin. This  treatment gets rid of marks, dark spots  and uneven pigmentation in your skin by using Vitamin C and results in it looking more even toned and  radiant. like the photo above.  Just clarifying- i do NOT endorse whitening products.

Skin Lightening/Brightening Treatment

Experience Written by Sunandha

I never particularly had a good skin any time in my life, and lets not even go to how bad it became after the birth of my son. So I decided to skip all the cosmetics and meet a doctor.   What I liked about her was first she asked me a ton of questions to gain an indepth analysis and then told me about my skin condition. She suggested me some blood tests because according to her, when something’s wrong with your body it shows on your skin first. She then suggested some medicines of her own make, which I still continue(for skin maintenance she says).  The blood test results indicated that I had thyroid and that was the reason for my dull skin.

She suggested me two skin treatments and allowed me to choose one. By then I had some knowledge of the skin treatments and at least knew the terms. The treatments she offered were Chemical Peeling and Skin lightening. Both were to even out my complexion, and make sure i has smooth and glowing skin. I guess I was a little scared about chemical peeling, so I decided to go for Skin Lightening even though it was a lot costlier among the two.

 Skin Lightening is a procedure where they use electricity in tolerable amounts to send the Vitamin C serum effectively in your skin. The vitamin C was spread on my skin and a probe was used to pass electricity with gradual increase in intensity on your skin. This helps your skin to absorb the vitamin C more effectively and faster too. I was asked to prevent going out in sun for 24 hrs and to apply sunscreen whenever I go out in the sun.

The equipment

After my treatment, I could find little improvement but the real deal is after 3 or 4 days when your skin shows the maximum progress with your skin glowing and visible  reduction of dark spots. The skin looks more even in tone, more radiant and any sort of blemishes on your face get visibly lightened and reduced. The dullness of my skin earlier was replaced by a fresher, more luminous glow and all the little makrs on my face definitely reduced. Definitely a MAJOR change in before and after. With the price so high I had decided to do the treatment once but after looking at the improvement I have decided to finish the therapy. Wish I had known about all these before my marriage. Instead of investing on facials I could have gone through one of these therapies.

 Bride to be’s with skin issues definitely consult a good skin doctor way before your marriage and do a chemical peel or the skin lightening one according to your doctor for a healthy and glowing skin. But again DO IT WITH YOUR DOCTOR’S ADVICE AND NOT IN ANY SALON. The whole deal is quite pricey for me. I might end up spending 30 k  for my skin which is probably the only time am gonna spend this much, but after seeing the results i dont mind at all)

Disclaimer: Please consult a professional doctor before undergoing any treatments as such.

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