Faces Cosmetics Navy Blue Eye Pencill

Guest Review by Prerna (Medium Skin tone, Dry Skin)

What the company claims:  “Soft gentle pencils in a rainbow of shades. Use them to enhance your natural eye color for dramatic effect or give you that bright-eyed glow. Gentle and safe for sensitive eyes.”

What is your favourite shade of eyeliner after black?! Well I used to be obsessed with dark blue for a very long time  and Faces eyeliner in navy blue is a color I completely adore!.

Like it states, it is a perfect deep dark blue, not so dark that it appears black neither so light that it seems ‘unnatural’ for day wear. It is more of a vibrant, dark royal blue!!!  It does not contain any shimmer or sparkle and is completely opaque and creamy. The wear time is my favourite part – it wears almost entire day! I would especially recommend this range to office going girls..just max two swipes in the morning and your set for the day without any smudging or racoon eyes and at this price you wouldn’t mind using it everyday either.:p.

Sharpening does lead to some wastage at times especially since it is creamy it is a little more prone to breakage but you can deal with care easily. Also,  you need a remover to get rid of it completely. But my major con with it is the way it wears off. You remember the little crayon wax colors you used to colour your drawings, paintings, walls :p. And did you ever try scratching off the colour with a scale to give it that ‘effect’ (Well if none of you did that I must have been the only stupid kind around L) . Ok well the way the liner fades reminds me of that exactly, somehow uneven sometimes and with little flaking. It can be taken care of by swiping another layer maybe or just smudging it lightly but somehow I do not like that part at all. I mean I would not mind a slightly shorter wear time but please don’t flake!

But all in all I feel for a drugstore eyeliner it does its job pretty pretty well. Though my favourite remains Chambor Dazzle range but I can’t ignore the fact that faces pencils give you almost triple the product for the same prize making the preferred choice when I wish to experiment with colors!

             Rating: A-

Price: Rs 250 for 1.15 gms

Recommendation: Well pigmented, long lasting power and does not smudge or sting eyes at all- all that at  at this price makes the Faces Navy Blue Eye Liner good enough reason to pick up a couple of your favourite shades from the range. And if the flaking texture and removing does not trouble you then I would say go, get them all!

Editors Note: If you are in the hunt of a stunning blue liner, i myself would really recommend this one like Prerna has said. My boss wears this to work all the time and almost inevetably i end up asking her “WHats that on your eyes ?”. Its really the prettiest royal blue liner iv seen.

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