Faces Smoky Eyes Kit

Guest Review by Ashwini

Whenever we buy a palette or a kit, we cant expect the quality same as the individual ones, though there are some really great budget friendly palette(nyx/inglot), this is not great but budget friendly for sure. Now, don’t be discouraged , just read on to know why I still think it makes a good black smokey eye kit. I quite like how faces has come up with this concept of smokey eyes which is fun experimenting with.


  1. 5 eyeshadow palette – net wt 7g
  2. Metaliglow eye primer – net wt 8ml
  3. Mascara-voluminizing and lengthening – net wt 7g
  4. Eye pencil(2) – net wt 1.13g each
  5. Cream eyeshadow – Black – net wt 6g
  6. Eyeshadow brushes(2)

My experience:

I love playing around with this kit, it has everything to create a black/neutral smokey look in one kit. I purchased this one just for the meatalligow eye primer since I had heard one of my friend raving about it.and primer alone costs rs.700 when bought separately. let me tell you in detail about each one starting from the good ones:

Cream eyeshadow: I found this to be the best among all. Its great when used as a black base not just for black but other colours too, love this specially with my bourjois blue ombre eyeshadow. On layering the colour intensity can be built to achieve the blackest-black. This is my first cream eyeshadow and its tempting me to try the same in other colours. definately a re-purchase for me. It gets 5/5.

Metalligow eye primer: it adds nice metallic sheen to the eyeshadow but not much change in the colour intensity(as you can see in the pics). It prevents the eyeshadow from creasing but not a great change in lasting power.it gets 3.5/5.

Eyeshadow palette :  contains 5 colours:

  1.  champagne colour- good for highlighting. but it’s so powdery that im not using it anymore.
  2. Dark grey colour.
  3. Black with silver sparkles
  4. Very light peachy pink with pearly finish
  5. taupe with pearly finish

All of them have silver and golden shimmers which is quite dominating in black one. Their lasting power is average,max 5hrs and with primer another 1-2 hrs. the pigmentation and texture of black and grey is the only good thing I can talk about in this palette. the black one is with silver sparkles and it looks oh so glam .The taupe is good too but lacks pigmentation.. I love the shade of the peachy pink one but the texture is powdery and there is so much fallout, same for the champagne one.it gets 3/5.

Black mascara: the texture is not too thick, much like liquid, takes more time to dry completely. not waterproof. It sure lengthens the lashes but no volume. Good for everyday use, definately not for smokey look. It gets 3/5.

Eye pencils: black and brown. nothing great, the pigmentation is okay. It is smudge proof and lasts for decent time too. But im not a great fan of these,We have used better pencils from same brand(long wear ones which are probably the best).i have been using these pencils for my everyday look but not for smokey eyes,I can rely only on my gel liner for that. It gets 3.5/5.

Brushes : lets just leave these two poor brushes alone, they too don’t know what type they are nor their function. Firstly, they are identical, why would one need two same non functional brushes ? they look like cheap painting brushes( I’ll just give it to my 5 yr old niece to work on her painting skills). Im coming to realise that it’s the brushes and blending part which make or break the smokey look,so use your own trusted brushes girls.

Overall Rating : B or 3/5

Price: rs.999 (I got it at discount of rs.699)

Final recommendation: I would recommend this to beginners (like me) who wanna work on smokey eyes look, considering we get a good black cream eyeshdow and primer and also nice grey and black eyeshadow, all for just rs.999. For those experienced with eye makeup, just enjoy these pics and forget about this kit. Though I would recommend you to check out that  cream eyeshadow fellow. do the math girls, some good quality eyeshadows+primer within this budget is quite a bargain.I got it on discount remember, that’s probably why I bought it,I would not have purchased for its full price in my right mind. You wouldn’t wanna waste those precious mac eyeshadows when you know you are just  practising and having fun   once I get the perfect look, I promise I’ll buy other badass and pricey ones im lusting over.

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