Lip Balms Comparison

Guest Post by Ana (NC 45 skin tone)

Ok people, what is wrong with the weather? I thought winter was the time for chaffed skin and chapped lips. But its spring, flowers are in bloom, nightingales are chirping and I am reaching out for my lip balm more frequently than ever. My mom says its something to do with changing weather and will go away shortly. Well, I hope she is right because dry skin is horrid. However, till then, heres a list of some great lip-balms (only the best ever) to get you by these precarious times.


  1. 1.  Biotique Fresh Kiss Lip Balm in Peppermint

This is your perfect moisturizing, no fuss lip balm to wear anytime. The pot says it softens and refreshes your lips and it is bang on.

The Goods-

  • Applies smoothly, moisturizes well.
  • Minty flavor, causes a nice, mild tingling sensation on the lips when applied.
  • 16g for Rs 99 is fabulous value for your buck.
  • Really does last last a long time.

The Bads-

  • Its in pot, if you don’t like dunking your fingers in, it might not be a thing for you.
  • Its thick so lipsticks dont really easily glide over this
  • Is not tinted.
  • No SPF.


  1. 2.  L’Oreal Paris Hyrdafresh


Hyrafresh is an uptown version of your good ole vaseline lip balm with its pink packaging and chinese characters on the tube. L’Oreal claims that this is the hydration supply for your lips and I dare say they are right.


The Goods-

  • Very, very hydrating. If you have really dry or chapped lips, this is godsend for you.
  • Pretty packaging.
  • Comes in a tube, so mess free application.

The Bads-

  • Flavour/ fragrance free.
  • Steeply priced at Rs 249.
  • No tint.
  • No SPF.

  1. 3.  Max Factor Sheer Lip Gloss Balm


As you can see Max Factor’s got the ultimate product- its a gloss and a balm! And the company stays true to its word, it is both. I have this in Amber, which is beautiful orange tinted balm. It instantly warms up your complexion, totally recommended.

The Goods-

  • Moisturizes lips well.
  • Very smooth application.
  • Great selection of colors (I’m tempted to try all).
  • Comes in great looking stick.
  • Tinted.
  • Has SPF 10.

The Bads-

  • The price- It retails it Rs 490, which is the only reason why I’m not buying all the colors in this. (You can find it cheaper online, but it is still the wrong side of 400.)

  1. 4.  Maybelline Smooth Lip Color and Care


If you haven’t heard this one, you must have been living under a glacier in greenland. These are extremely popular, drugstore brand tinted lip-balms which give great service with burning a hole in the pocket.

The Goods-

  • Hydrates decently.
  • Comes in a stick.
  • 6 colors to choose from.
  • Tinted.
  • Contain SPF 16.
  • Rs 99 is a great price to buy one or more of these.

The Bads-

  • The tints are all in the red/pink/orange family. I would like to see some browns and purples too, please.

So there you are, ladies, stay hydrated this spring!

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